4 Financial Benefits of Water Purification Systems

21 February 2012

Spend money to make money is an oft-quoted truism, but the fact that you can spend money to save money is also true.

While purchasing a water purification system may seem like a large initial investment, deeper analysis of your energy costs and the costs of running your home reveals otherwise. Here are four
reasons why buying a water purification system could save you thousands of pounds during your lifetime.

1) Imagine the expense of having a major home appliance such as a washing machine or a boiler break down. If either of these vital home appliances fails, most likely it will be because of limescale clogging up the pipes, something that will happen after the warranty expires. Not only could repairing or replacing these items be incredibly expensive, but you have the extra money lost from taking time off of work to sort out the problem.

2) While the cost of buying kettles is not nearly as prohibitive, the expense of buying multiple kettles over a life-time really adds up. When you buy Aquatec’s bespoke purification systems we guarantee that your kettle will descale within 12-16 weeks of installation prolonging its life and saving you the time and money of buying another one.

3) Limescale buildup also stops your appliances from working properly. Because appliances that are blocked with scale have to work harder to do the same job, that racks up your energy costs. We estimate that having a water purification system that softens hard water and eliminates limescale could reduce your energy bills by up to 40%.

4) Huge savings on cleaning products. Our water softening process means that you will need less cleaning products to clean the limescale off of your taps and bathroom. Furthermore you will need less washing machine powder or dishwashing machine powder to get your clothes or dishes clean. Our pure water technology will cut out expensive sprays and bleaches from your shopping list over the long term.

So contact us for a free water test today and find out whether you could make huge savings by installing one of our home water purification systems.