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Archive for March, 2012

Water Purification Footbridge for Amsterdam Canals

Posted on: March 28th, 2012 by admin No Comments

An architect has come up with a unique method of water purification, using a footbridge on the canals of Amsterdam to create pure water.

Margot Krasojevic has entered Clean CANAL Water into the Amsterdam footbridge 2012 Competition.

Before the canals were created, water had to be pushed by windmills and remained stagnant if there was no rain. Amsterdam canals have always created purified water by helping to circulate and sanitise water. Therefore the footbridge design is helping them to perform their practical function.

Today the water locks in the Dutch capital city close almost every other day so that pure water can be pumped in from a nearby lake. This helps to keep the water clean and also allows wildlife to thrive such as fowl, ducks and cormorants.

Water Purification Amsterdam

A new footbridge design will help to purify water in the Amsterdam canals.

Now Krasojevic has submitted a design for a footbridge across the Amsterdam canals. Dirty water is pumped around the tubing of the bridge. This facilitates water filter purification by flushing water out to the other side of the water locks where a number of boats wait to pick out detritus and debris.

The footbridge has also been styled to accentuate many of the cultural aspects of Holland, with a tunnel know as the Coffee shop, bike frames around the structure and an area where people can sunbathe on what looks like reclaimed land.

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