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Archive for May, 2012

Bottled Water Sales Surge Despite Environmental Cost

Posted on: May 21st, 2012 by admin No Comments

The dependence on bottled water in the western world is becoming a big problem because of the environmental consequences of producing so much rubbish.

Although environmental awareness of the pitfalls of buying, and then quickly disposing of, so much plastic is increasing, so are sales of bottled water in the UK and USA.

According to market research by Zenith International, annual bottled water sales grew by 3% by the end of 2011. Meanwhile in the US total bottled water sales hit a record 9.1 billion gallons according to the Beverage Marketing Corp. That translates to a staggering four half litre bottles of water consumed by every American, every week.

Bottled water sales surge

Bottled water is bad for the environment but sales are surging.

2011 figures are the highest for bottled water sales in the US, with the industry booming at a rate that far outstrips the struggling economy. It also marks something of a resurgence for the bottled water industry which briefly went into decline four years ago, at the same time that the world went into recession.

Gary Hemphill, who is managing director for information services at Beverage Marketing, said: “Americans are drinking more bottled water because they find it convenient, appealing and healthy.”
He added: “Pricing in this category has been aggressive, which has helped.”

However those in the know are aware of the environmental costs of buying bottled water and it has become common for American colleges and universities to ban it on campus.

If you are worried about the quality of the UK water coming out of your taps, then have Aquatec install a home water purification system. Not only can you guarantee up to 98% purity in your drinking water (water so clean that even a new born baby could drink it), but you could save huge amounts of money over the years on what it would cost to buy bottled water regularly.

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Save Water, Save Money – Why Water Leaks are Costing the Customer

Posted on: May 14th, 2012 by admin No Comments

In terms of our monthly water bills, most customers feel helpless to control their spend. Not only are the water bills fixed, but the water companies increase those bills on an annual basis.

Then, despite the fact that we have had to put up with constant downpours, there has been a hosepipe ban, and a nationwide alert, encouraging us to conserve water.

save water save money

Water companies are passing their costs for wasting water onto the customer but you can reduce your energy bills with Aquatec water purification systems.

How can this bad weather be reconciled with a severe water shortage? The answer in short is mismanagement. An outdated infrastructure means that a quarter of our water supply is being wasted, but although the UK has been suffering from its worst drought in 25 years, the water companies are still not being forced to fix their leakages. In fact Ofwat data shows that water companies will only reduce their leaks by 1.5% in the run up to 2015.

Ofwat has said that water companies have paid £200m in water wastage fines over the past six years, though customers complain that they are simply passing the costs on as the water companies made £2bn profit in 2010-11.

So while we are left in a helpless situation where we cannot control the efficiency of our water company, there is a simple way to reduce your energy bills. Aquatec water purification systems have been proven to cut energy bills by up to 40%, by declogging your pipes and home appliances from harmful limescale.

This allows water to do more work for you, whether it is passing through your taps, your shower or your washing machine. Contact Aquatec today to book a free water test and see how we can make your water work harder in your home.

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Torrential Rains Cause Sewage Overflows

Posted on: May 3rd, 2012 by admin 3 Comments

The recent heavy UK rains are very welcome in a country which is experiencing a severe drought and hosepipe ban.

However, as well as generally spoiling the spring for many British residents, there are now serious dangers of water contamination as the deluge flushes raw sewage into rivers and coastal waters.

In the advent of torrential rain, sewers are actually designed to overflow into the sea and rivers as a backup, as this is preferable to overflowing into the streets.

Water purification UK

Heavy rain can cause flash flooding and potential sewage overflows.

The problem, according to the Marine Conservation Society, is that only a quarter of the 31,000 combined sewage overflows in the UK are monitored to record how often they allow raw sewage to flow.

Rob Keirle, the pollution programme manager at the Marine Conservation Society, told the Guardian newspaper: “Some of the combined sewage overflows discharge dozens or hundreds of times a year. We
are calling for openness. Where are they? How often do they discharge? How much? There Environment Agency in England and Wales is reluctant to disclose this information, as they don’t like what it reveals.”

The Marine Conservation Society has also warned that anyone wanting to take a seasonal dip in the sea should be careful about getting in at the deep end. Flash foods are affecting the cleanliness of beaches and there are flood warnings in place over the weekend for many areas of the country.

They revealed that 30% of UK swimming beaches do not have pure water and would fail a water quality test. With a review of 750 beaches, the 2012 Good Beach Guide is now out. It reports that one third of beaches suffer from sewage contamination, dog waste and waste from streets or farms.

The north-west of England (20%) and Scotland (40%) had the fewest clean bathing spots but overall the percentage of clean beaches rose by 8%. Wales, the South West and the North East had the cleanest areas of coastline. Four fifths of beaches in those areas passed tests to show that they had not been contaminated with the bacteria from feces.

An Environment Agency spokeswoman said: “There are 15,000 CSOs in England and Wales and around half of these are monitored. Water companies carry out their own monitoring of approximately 6,000 CSOs for operational purposes and we are encouraging them to expand this. We have ordered additional monitoring and reporting at more than 800 CSOs, with a further 500 due to be monitored by 2015.”

If you are worried about the quality of water in your home, contact Aquatec Bristol today for a free water test. Our pure water consultants can recommend water purification systems or water filter purification that will suit your needs.

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