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Serious Water Pollution Incidents Doubled in 2011

Posted on: November 7th, 2012 by admin No Comments

Water Pollution

Serious water pollution incidents have doubled in 2011 according to new figures by the Environment Agency.

Although there were slightly fewer incidences of serious industrial pollution, in the water industry the number of pollution incidents nearly doubled from 65 in 2010 to 120 in 2011.

environment agency monitors water pollution

The Environment Agency monitors water pollution

Most occurred within the sewer and water network, but the Environment Agency said this was mainly due to the fact that more incidents were being reported by the water companies themselves.

An agency spokesman said: “Substantial investment by water companies has helped improve water quality in recent decades. We are working with the water industry and Ofwat to ensure that this overall trend continues, particularly given the pressures of population growth and climate change.”

Waste was the main cause of water pollution as our growing population struggles to control industrial waste and sewage. Yet companies are aware of this problem and more UK businesses than ever before have been awarded an ‘A’ grade for their environmental performance. As a reward, well-run enterprises had their regulatory costs cut by £15 million in 2011. Overall those complying with environmental regulations paid up to 70% less for their relevant permits and permissions than businesses that were run badly.

The Environment Agency chairman, Lord Chris Smith, said: “Achieving both economic growth and the protection of the natural environment is not always easy but it can be achieved with hard work and dedication.

“It will not happen without effective regulation of the impact business has on the environment and a commitment from businesses themselves to act as responsible neighbours and good corporate citizens.

“Reassuringly, the latest performance record shows businesses are increasingly recognising there is a value and opportunity in this broader sense of responsibility.”

If you are worried about the quality of your water, contact Aquatec today. We have nearly 20 year’s experience of providing home water purification systems to filter your drinking, cooking and home supply water. Once filtered our water is so pure than even a new born baby can drink it.

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How Hard Water Quickly Becomes A Major Problem

Posted on: October 30th, 2012 by admin 1 Comment

Figures show that hard water and the resultant lime scale have a massive incremental increase in the amount of energy used by homes.

In fact for every millimetre of lime scale you can expect approximately a 10% increase in the amount of energy used, up from 10.6% energy increase for one millimetre of limescale to a 29.4% energy increase in limescale for 3 millimetres of limescale.

Hard water problem Bristol

If you have a hard water problem in Bristol contact Aquatec today.

That basically means that only 4 millimetres of limescale will be responsible for a 30% loss of your heating efficiency.

Limescale is caused by latent deposits of lime and chalk (which are made up of the chemical elements magnesium and calcium). Because lime scale quickly builds up at the rate of 1.5 millimetres per year, this is a problem that rapidly escalates, rather than going away at any point. It is important to get the problem under control before it takes control of you.

Such shocking facts make it unsurprising that the UK government has singled out water treatment as a major way of saving the lifespan of home water purification systems. A new act released in April 2007 said that all boilers fitted in households must have water treatment beforehand.

The solution to the problem? A home water softening system is guaranteed to remove all of the existing limescale in your home. That includes your piping as well as home appliances like your washing machine, dishwasher and kettle. Contact Aquatec – the Pure Water People today and see how we can offer you with a solution to your hard water problems and free your home from limescale.

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UK Homeowners Choosing Water Purification Systems

Posted on: October 19th, 2012 by admin No Comments

There are a number of different ways to control the quality of your water, including softening the water to prevent limescale and removing contaminants and minerals.

There are four main methods of purifying water – Reverse Osmosis, Microfiltration, using an Activated Carbon Filter and Distillation.

  • Microfiltration can be used to remove some bacteria and large pathogens, but not all of them.
  • Activated carbon filtration reduces unwanted taste, odour and low concentrations of organic chemicals.
  • Reverse osmosis is best known for its use in water desalinization projects, and can also reduce chemicals associated with unwanted colour and taste.
  • Distillation effectively removes inorganic contaminants from water. Since distilled water has no minerals, some people claim that distilled water has a sweet or ‘flat’ taste.

However at Aquatec we use a unique process to filter the incoming mains water supply at a micron level to remove all of the larger particles of dirt and heavy metals.

Our advanced electrolytic media nano scale formulation uses redox (reduction/oxidation) to remove 98% of all harmful organic and inorganic compounds including chlorine, lead, mercury, iron and hydrogen sulphide.

But this is just one of eight stages which make sure that your water is completely pure by the time that it gets into your glass.

Once it has gone through an intensive water purification process. At stage 8 this includes the drinking water post filter media which removes any unwanted tastes and odours to produce purified water.

Finally Aquatec water purification systems have health benefits because they put back in the naturally occurring electrolytes that other systems remove. To guarantee the purity of your home water supply contact Aquatec Bristol today and book your free water quality test.

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Smallest UK Water Company Forced to Shut Down

Posted on: September 28th, 2012 by admin No Comments

One of the oldest water companies in the UK may be forced to finally turn off its taps because maintenance costs were spiralling out of control.

The Fenny Compton Water Company Ltd was originally created by a local landowner in 1886 to protect the villagers of Fenny Compton from deadly diseases such as cholera.

Water was sourced from a pure spring in the Avon Dassett hills, Warwickshire, and piped through to only 36 homes and three businesses.

The company was the smallest of its kind in England but also one of the longest running. However the prospect of £200,000 worth of repairs has meant that directors of the company are now putting its future to a vote.

Company secretary Jill Rankin told the BBC: “It is really sad and nobody wants it to shut. But replacing the pipes is going to cost £200,000 and we have only got £7,000 in the bank.”
She added: “We’re asking the village whether it wants to keep the company going or shut it down and move to Severn Trent.

Warwickshire water company

Warwickshire residents may see the fenny Compton water company shut down.

“As time has gone on we are having to fix increasing numbers of leaks and the cost of fixing them has gone up substantially.”

It used to be that the Fenny Compton Water Company Ltd could get local men to repair any leaks or problems with the infrastructure. But now tight regulations mean that experienced contractors have to be called in and this costs a great deal more money.

Depending on what residents decide, there is a transfer fee for changing to Severn Trent Water of £1,500. The remaining company funds would then be distributed to pensioners and single parent families in the village.

Resident David Walker, who has helped repair burst pipes with a hammer and chisel over the years, said: “I personally wouldn’t like to see the Fenny Compton Water Company Ltd shut down because we’ve been looking after it for all these years. However the time has come when we have to replace the pipes or give up. It’s an awful shame.”

If you want more information about home water purification systems from Aquatec, contact us today, We are also now listed in the Quber Web Directory and the BigTenu Website Resource.

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