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Water Conservation Tips

Posted on: October 26th, 2011 by admin 1 Comment

Access to clean drinking water should be a human right, but in fact for most people it is a privilege. That is a shocking fact when you consider that at any one time almost half the hospital beds in the world are filled with people who have caught water borne illnesses, according to the UN.

One in eight people around the world do not have access to clean water, while droughts and water pollution kill more people than any wars on the earth ever have.
These shocking statistics show that we would be foolish to take clean drinking water for granted, and that we should do all that we can to conserve and recycle water. Especially when some people have to drink unclean water or otherwise go thirsty.

With that in mind here are five water conservation tips to ensure that you make the most of pure drinking water.

planet in water conservation

World Water Supplies Should be Conserved


Water Conservation Tips

1) Use a refillable water bottle. Research has shown that tap water actually goes through a more stringent cleansing process than bottled water. If you are still dubious about the quality of your water then get a home water purification system from a company such as Aquatec – the pure water people. That way you can be assured that your family have access to clean drinking water.


2) At the same time you can keep a jug of tap water in the fridge to ensure that running of the tap is kept to a minimum. Water is too precious to let it just go down the tap and although it is recycled the process to treat it and make it safe for drinking is costly. By the same resort don’t let taps drip – always check to make sure that they are fully turned off.


3) Maximise your washes. Make sure the dishwasher and the washing machine are full before you run them. They use up a lot of water and a lot of energy too, so you will see massive costs savings in your bills.


4) Turn off the shower while you are shaving or washing your hair.


5) Invest in a home water purification system. By softening and purifying your water, you will need less of it for home chores such as washing clothes.


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iPhone App Monitors Water Quality in your Area

Posted on: October 24th, 2011 by admin No Comments

IBM has now created an iPhone app which can help concerned citizens monitor the quality of the water around the world.

Known as Creekwatch, the app encourages concerned environmentalists to snap a picture of any water source that they happen to be passing. They then answer three questions to determine the quality of the river, creek or lake. The questions determine whether the water source is polluted with trash, how full it is and whether the river is still flowing effectively.

app Monitors water quality

Concerned Environmentalists can make a difference with the Creekwatch App.

The app was beta tested in the city of San Jose this summer. Carol Boland, a water biologist in San Jose, said: “There are only so many of us here in water protection, and we can only see what we can during business working hours of the day. The timing of the when the creek dries up is really important information for us to have.”

According to the United Nations water pollution kills more people than all the wars on the earth put together. Some people may think that water quality is only something that developing countries have to worry about, but this is not the case.

America in particular has massive concerns about the quality of its water. For instance Las Vegas is a completely artificial city created in the middle of a desert and with all of the swimming pools and hotels there it uses a huge amount of water. However the river which supplies it, the Colorado River, has been so overused that there are huge concerns about it drying up. Given the huge amount of people that the river supports, this would be an environmental crisis on an unprecedented scale.

So if you want to do your bit for the environment then consider downloading the iPhone Creekwatch app. Alternatively you can also make a difference to water quality in your own household by purchasing a water purification system. That allows you to drink pure water without having to purchase bottled water which is environmentally unfriendly.

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Tap Water Is Better Quality Than Bottled Water

Posted on: October 21st, 2011 by admin 2 Comments

A blog in the Observer has explored the dubious quality of
UK water but concluded that tap water is likely to be of a higher standard than
bottled water.

Writing for the ethical and green living section, journalist Lucy Siegle, said: “I was surprised last week when a friend from Italy
expressed her doubts about the quality of London tap water. Apparently I could not quench nor quell her fears. After a heated exchange she opted for the bottled

Ms Siegle did agree that drinking recycled sewage water was hardly an appetising thought – especially when a shocking 30% of the bottled water sold in supermarkets is actually just tap water that has been reprocessed.

And that figure rises to 80% when you are considering the water that comes out of our taps. While the water treatment process takes out bacteria and most pollutants, tiny traces of certain chemicals can remain.

For instance there is a high count of the female hormone oestrogen in our water and you only have to see studies of what oestrogen does to fish such as trout to find this worrying.

Yet even our treated water is subject to higher water purification specifications than the bottled water industry and the average water company carries out an incredible 500,000 tests on drinking water samples.

This process is far more economical than drinking bottled water as plastic water bottles create a huge toll on the environment. Not only are they non-biodegradable, which menaces the animals and plants, but the sheer idea of shipping water half way across the world from a spring to a city is ludicrous.
Ironically it takes seven litres of water to make one plastic water bottle and 162 grams of oil. And three out of every four bottles end up in a landfill every year.

Looking for a middle ground? Why not try the Aquatec home water purification system? Their advanced water purification process removes all chemicals and toxicants from your drinking water and makes it safer for your family to drink, eat, wash clothes and bathe. While some may find the cost of a water
filtration unit prohibitive, the fact that they soften hard water protects expensive home appliances within your home such as your washing machine and
boiler. Wrap a ring of protection around your family today…

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Water Treatment Becomes Top World Concern

Posted on: October 19th, 2011 by admin No Comments

The Guardian newspaper has released an article stressing the importance of water purification. The quality of our water, it argues, is no longer an environmental issue but a key world concern such as terrorism or the management of nuclear power.

That is why so much effort is being put into water treatment, water recycling and water purification. Water has become a massive commodity. Many countries are experimenting with desalination plants. This involves creating a plant that can remove the salt from sea water. Sea water is fatal if drunk unchecked so this is a very necessary process for coastal countries that lack large supplies of fresh water, but a time-consuming and costly one. Desalination has also drawn criticism on environmental levels due to the amount of energy needed to run such plants.

desalination water treatment

Water Treatment is Vital to World Health

Industrial water treatment is a constantly improving field and according to the Guardian “advances in widely-used reverse osmosis (RO) technology have helped to cut costs and energy over the last 30 years.”

They also used the example of a company called Oasys Water which is a pioneer in its field. It has developed a system known as Engineered Osmosis which saves on electricity by instead forcing sea water through a membrane. It could make desalination eminently more affordable for developing countries.

If this sounds far-fetched then there are even more complex scientific methods of attracting rain by loading the sky with chemicals which attract clouds to the land. This weather modification, or cloud seeding, is so powerful that it has been banned by the UN from being used in warfare.

But a lack of water can be a desperate situation and there are many countries which are threatened by drought, the most notorious being Somalia and Ethiopia which suffer devastating and tragic famines. Even in England, where it seems to rain constantly, we have problems with droughts and hosepipe bans because the quality of the plumbing is so poor that millions of tonnes of water get leaked out and wasted every day.

It is unlikely that the average Joe will have much knowledge of complex water treatment techniques such as desalination and weather modification. However home water purification is now available to everyone and allows you to protect the quality of your water on a local scale.

Companies such as Aquatec Bristol can provide you with a water filtration system that removes all chemicals and bacteria from your tap water. Pure water is better to drink, better to cook with and better to wash in (for you and your clothes). And, with the way the world is becoming so overpopulated, pure water could end up being the most valuable commodity of all.

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