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Water Purification Equipment Worth $65 Billion by 2015

Posted on: October 5th, 2011 by admin No Comments

With the rapidly expanding population, pure drinking water is increasingly becoming one of our most important commodities.

Therefore it is no surprise to learn that the worldwide demand for water treatment products is estimated to increase 6.2% per year for the next three years.

That means that the water purification equipment industry will be worth an amazing $65 billion by the year 2015.

Water Purification Equipment

The Water Purification Equipment Industry is Burgeoning

Most of this growth will be coming from China, which is already responsible for vast economic growth in sectors such as mining energy and minerals. With the world’s fastest growing economy, China has to deal with the resultant pollution which makes water purification a necessity.

Indeed the entire Asia Pacific region is performing well in the water filtration industry with an 8.1% increase in growth. However that is unsurprising as this is one of the most robust parts of the world in the current financial climate. More encouraging is the performance of North America (4.7%) and Europe (4.4%) in the market at a time when the progress of the overall economy is uncertain for everyone.

The growth in the water filtration industry is being spurred by the drive to reuse water and improve the quality of water for everyone on the planet. Water is the foundation for life and it is essential for drinking, cooking and home maintenance.

That makes products such as the home water filtration services offered by Aquatec Bristol indispensable. The system works to soften water in hard water areas. That has been shown to have benefits for home appliances by extending the life of kettles and washing machines.

Soft water is also better for people who have skin conditions such as eczema, according to some testimonies.

Above all everything tastes better with soft water, from the cup of tea that you have in the morning to the vegetables that you boil in the evening.

Contact Aquatec Bristol on 01179 109 988 to find out how you can be a part of the water treatment trend.

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Don’t Rely On Water Companies for your Water Purification

Posted on: September 30th, 2011 by admin No Comments

A water quality problem in Kingston, Jamaica, recently forced residents there to turn to various drinking water purification solutions.

For most people that involves buying bottled water to make sure that they don’t get affected by the various contaminants and bacteria that can find their way into drinking water. You can also boil your water to purify it, as we do when making tea or coffee.

Kingston Drinking Water Problem

Kingston Recently Suffered a Drinking Water Problem

However bottled water has both a large environmental and financial cost. You pay a premium for something that should be free and then have to chuck away plastic bottles which take a massive toll on the environment.

Instead, why not choose a long term solution as recommended by your local pure water consultants, Aquatec Bristol?

Aquatec allows you to pay a one off cost for a complete water treatment unit which can be installed in your home and provide life-long protection to your family.

That way you can wrap a ring of protection around your loved ones and prevent them from getting the nasty bacteria and viruses that cause viruses and gastrointestinal diseases.

Bad experiences have taught us that no matter what part of the world we live in and how developed it is, we cannot just rely on our water companies to provide clean water as they are dealing with a complex distribution system that is always subject to mistakes.

Yet clean water is among the human rights outlined by the World Health Organisation as one of the main contributory factors to acceptable health levels. Their directives state that a country’s water supply must be screened against chemicals, bacteria and other pollutants.

The benefits of drinking, washing and cooking with pure water are multiple, from keeping you hydrated to helping to lessen the affects of various skin ailments.  That means that water purification equipment could be one of the soundest investments that you could ever make.

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Wessex Water Treatment Report Highlights Poor Waste Management

Posted on: September 29th, 2011 by admin No Comments

The Wessex Water team has released an insight into all the work they put into water treatment process and waste management in the autumn issue of their quarterly magazine.

For those who think they are drinking pure water it is a shocking insight into the challenges faced by the water company to make the local water supply safe.

wessex water treatment process

Wessex Water Explains Its Catchment Program


Wessex Water Treatment Process

Wessex Water prides itself on having been the first water company to set up a catchment program to work together with local farmers. The program is designed to reduce the amounts of pesticides and fertilizers which were finding their way into the water supply.

The Wessex catchments and hydrogeology manager Paul Stanfield said: “Building treatment plans to remove potential contaminants is the traditional way of treating drinking water. But this approach has a high cost and high carbon footprint. We wanted to find a more sustainable solution and so turned to the catchment program.”

Mr Stanfield went on to explain how his team of advisers set about contacting all the farmers and landowners in the area so that they could come to an understanding and work together. As far as he is concerned it is about raising awareness to prevent water pollution. That involves making sure that contaminants such as pesticides and slurry do not get in contact with the drinking supply.

Wessex estimates that the catchment management program has saved the company nearly £75 million in water treatment costs.

Water companies do treat all water, but as water is recycled the safest way to drink pure water in your household can be to invest in a personal water filtration system. With 18 years of experience in the business, Aquatec Bristol is a trusted family company that you can deal with for all your UK water purification needs.

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How safe ‘really’ is our tap water for drinking?

Posted on: September 27th, 2011 by admin No Comments

Ever wonder why we seem to be susceptible to an ever-increasing number of strange illnesses? A simple answer may be that in many areas of our country, our drinking water probably contains a cocktail of chemical compounds.

Why? Because, lots of the drugs and chemical compounds produced by the ever-growing pharmaceutical industry are not broken down by our body’s internal systems, but go straight into our urine. So, when you think of the millions of these big pharma drugs that are produced each year, then it is hardly surprising that many unwanted complex chemical compounds are finding their way into our drinking water.

how safe is tap water

How safe is our Tap water to Drink

So while many pharmaceuticals are life-savers, they also leave a chemical footprint that can interfere with complex biological functions in totally unpredictable ways. The sheer scale of the problem is reflected by the fact that Pfizer Consumer Healthcare – the manufacturer of Anadin the well known painkiller, alone sold an estimated 27 million packets over the counter in 2007.

Then there are the medications, hormones and antibiotics which are given to farm animals in seemingly ever increasing doses, all of which ends up in the soil – by one means or the other – and that’s not mentioning the sheer colossal mega tonnage of fertiliser for our cereals – which are all water soluble! Water is all recycled, so whether these complex chemical compounds enter the water system directly or from our digestive system, they all end up in our drinking water.

Data collected by the Harvard School of Public Health shows that the body only metabolises 20% of drugs like atenolol which are taken by people who have high blood-pressure. While all wastewater is treated, it is not specifically aimed at removing drug residues and the UK Drinking Water Inspectorate has reported that the treatment process could make it worse – ‘Concentrations of some compounds have been found to increase during the treatment process, probably as a consequence of the transformation of conjugates back to the parent compound’. That is why in 2004 the Environment Agency had to issue a caution that there were small levels of Prozac found in the UK drinking water supply. One of the drugs contained in Prozac, fluoxetine, has been shown by research to be difficult to break down. Then in 2008 the Associated Press conducted an experiment which showed that there are traces of all sorts of prescription medicines in our drinking water such as mood stabilisers and antibiotics.

(And more recently), the UK Water Treatment Regulation body is monitoring the levels of the hormone oestrogen which is found in most drinking water supplies; to make sure that it is not harming humans or endangered wildlife – Perturbed?  You might be! Just Google the affect oestrogen has on trout populations.

The upshot of all this is that although our drinking water is not completely clean or free of problematical substances, it’s still deemed ‘fit to drink’ by most water supply companies who by the way, charge you ever increasing rates for this ‘service’. By the way, next time you talk to your water supply company, ask them if they supply a guaranteed source of ‘drinking water’; you might get a surprise.

Most of us still drink tap water because we have no other choice, unless you choose to invest in your own drinking water filtration system, or choose the grossly expensive and totally ‘un-green’ bottled drinking water supplied by every grocer that can put ‘a pallet in’.

But if most people truly knew ‘what’ is in their drinking water, would they not choose the safer option? Taking water purification into their hands and therefore guaranteeing the quality and palatability of the water that their family consumed every single day of their lives.

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