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Water Purification Makes Great Tea

Posted on: September 26th, 2011 by admin No Comments

Tea is one of the staples of British life and its worldwide popularity is a mark of the strong influence of the British Empire.

However tea has been around for more than 5,000 years having originated in China. While western cultures used to make water safe to drink by brewing it to produce beer, in the Orient water was boiled and infused with tea leaves. Just as there are now thousands of beers, over the years that tea-making process has been greatly refined.

Water purification for tea making

Water purification improves tea making

Although tea contains caffeine, it is widely accepted to have a calming effect and the tea-making process has become something of an art form.

People have become particular about how their tea is brewed, assessing everything from the quality of the tea bags, to the quality of the milk and the water.

But as tea is mostly made up of water, the water quality has the biggest single influence on the tea quality.

Water Purification for Tea

Too many minerals are the biggest single barrier to poor tea quality and therefore water purification systems can massively improve the quality of your tea drinking experience.

That is because the majority of tap water contains chlorine in order to eliminate bacteria and chlorine impairs water quality. There will also be traces of sediments and other minerals such as chalk which can have a negative effect on the taste of tea.

Therefore UK residents who live in areas which have poor water quality should definitely invest in a water purification system if they want to have tea which is free from contaminants.

Your home water treatment unit also makes sure that there is soft water rather than hard water. This is good for the longevity of your kettle as well as preventing you from having tea that looks as dark and murky as it tastes.

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Water Purification Can Help Prevent Psoriasis

Posted on: September 20th, 2011 by admin No Comments

Psoriasis is chronic skin disease caused by a genetic fault that causes skin cells to multiply until they build up hard, scaly red and white patches.

The word Psoriasis comes from the Greek for itchy and the condition can be hereditary (or caused by an allergic reaction) but it is not contagious.


Water Therapy can help Prevent Psoriasis

The Dead Sea Is A Water Therapy Destination


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Tap Water Banned in Cancer Centre

Posted on: September 19th, 2011 by admin No Comments

A cancer centre in New York, USA, has had to use specially purified water after finding traces of harmful bacteria in the tap water supply.

The Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre was left in shock over the weekend after a routine water sample came back with traces of Legionella, the bacteria that causes Legionnaires’ disease. Both patients and staff were immediately told to stop using tap water for drinking or washing.

As a further precaution bottled water was issued to everyone in the 470 bed cancer centre which is located in the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

water purification prevents legionnaires disease

The Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre Had a Legionnaires Scare

But Dr Kent Sepkowitz, the director of the Cancer Centre infection control, said that there was no need to panic unduly.

He explained: “The bacteria are not transmitted from one person to another and the risk of developing Legionnaires’ disease is very low.”

However the reason that the hotel has had to recommend stoppage of tapwater use is because inhaling contaminated water can still transmit the disease.

Coincidentally the cancer centre had just admitted a patient who had been diagnosed with Legionnaires’ disease. A further 100 patients who had access to the water supply surrounding the hospital were tested negative.

Dr. Sepkowitz explained: “We knew about the patient diagnosis late Thursday but learnt about the water contamination on Friday.”

“We determined who was exposed to water from that area of the hospital and tested them all. None of them showed evidence of the infection.”

Therefore the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre must work with city and state health departments to determine if the patient contracted the disease before or after arriving. The patient has not been identified but has responded well to antibiotics. Further tests will be carried out to isolate the source of the infection.

Results are being sent to a lab in Pittsburg and will be expected back by the end of this week.

Because contaminated drinking water can potentially lead to devastating diseases, Aquatec Bristol recommends using a scientifically advanced water purification system create pure drinking water.

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Water Softeners May Alleviate Eczema

Posted on: September 16th, 2011 by admin No Comments

A recent survey has found that Eczema is the biggest childhood skin disease in the UK.

A study carried out by the British Skin Foundation found that 88% of 123 dermatologists believed childhood eczema had become a big problem. Indeed it is estimated to affect one fifth of the children in the UK.

Eczema tends to be concentrated around the inside of the ankles, knees and elbows as well as the face and neck.

However there is some indication that hard water may cause eczema, and that by extension soft water could help to alleviate the condition.

Water Softeners Alleviate Eczema

Water Purification Systems Could Help Alleviate Eczema

The Department of Health ran a study to see whether there was any link between hard water and eczema and while the results were inconclusive there were some individual cases results which may be of interest to sufferers of this awful disease.

Eczema makes skin so dry that it is unbearably itchy and uncomfortable. But one mother in the study said she had seen a “dramatic improvement” in her son’s condition after using a water softener for 12 weeks.

Anne Marie’s son Dylan had developed atopic eczema which caused horrendous skin blistering.

She explained her torment: “Dylan had bleeding sores, and even changing him was heart-breaking. Every time his skin was exposed, he started scratching. And he wouldn’t sleep for more than an hour without waking up to scratch. We had about a dozen different creams on prescription and I was at my wit’s end.”

But only two weeks after using the water softener there were amazing results. After the study the water softener treatment was stopped and Dylan’s conditioned returned so the family bought their own water purification system to eliminate hard water.

Study coordinator Professor Tara Dean of Portsmouth University said: “If water softeners are found to improve the symptoms of eczema it will be a breakthrough for both patients and doctors.”

While no hard evidence has been found yet, there are years of anecdotal testimony. It may be that soft water requires less detergent to be used for clothes washing – and detergents have been proven to irritate the skin of eczema sufferers.


Read more on our water purification systems and how they stop the effects of hard water on skin.

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