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Asbestos Causes Pure Water Concerns

Posted on: September 14th, 2011 by admin 2 Comments

The news that Chew Valley Lake has become a dumping ground for asbestos is a clear a vindication of the need for pure drinking water.

Can residents of the surrounding Somerset area really have peace of mind that their family and loved ones are going to be safe when these deadly silicate minerals have entered the local water system?

Certainly the establishment seems to be unwilling to do anything about it as North East Somerset Council and Bath Council have approved the asbestos dumping proposals.

Asbestos in Drinking Water

Chew Valley Lake Will Be The Scene of Asbestos Dumping

They will see a staggering 645,000 tonnes of asbestos dumped at Stowey Quarry near Bishop Sutton.

It is no wonder that residents are up in arms – asbestos has proven links to cancer and a variety of respiratory diseases and the proximity of the asbestos dumping to the Bristol water supply is troubling. Bristol Water representatives and parish councillors are also opposing the plans.

They will be among those making up a protest rally which has been organised by the Stop Stowey Quarry Asbestos Landfill Group.

However the council says it has done independent research which shows that the water will not be contaminated by the asbestos dumping. Especially as this is white asbestos which is commonly found in many existing water pipes.

Council spokesman James Hinchcliffe told This is Somerset: “The Environment Agency was fully consulted on the planning application and had no objections.

“We were therefore satisfied that the potential impacts of the proposal on the environment had been fully considered and a refusal of planning permission on these grounds would not have been justified.

“The comments raised by Bristol Water led to additional work being undertaken by an independent hydrogeologist and their findings were reviewed by a hydrogeologist from another company.

“Both reached the same conclusion that the risk to water pollution was considered to be negligible.”

However Bristol Water retorted: “We were disappointed with the planning decision but it has been made. We have made our concerns very clear to all those involved, including the Environment Agency.”

It all comes down to the decision of whether you want to take a ‘negligible’ risk on your health, or whether securing pure water for your family is a decision worth making.

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Natural Water Purification

Posted on: September 6th, 2011 by admin No Comments

Water treatment is becoming a growing concern with the proliferation of the world population and the rise of chemicals and toxicants in the water.

There are some places on the earth that benefit from natural water filtration thanks to geographical properties. Among them is the Caribbean island of Barbados which is made out of coralstone – a perfect natural water filter.

Drinking water in Barbados has been among the best in the world (and is one of the factors which leads to their excellent rum production) because it all filters through the coral into underground reservoirs.

Natural Water Purification in Barbados

Barbados Has Natural Water Filtration

Scientists have studied this natural water purification process, hoping to adapt it and use it for water filtration in other parts of the world that are not so lucky as to have great water and great rum.

This groundwater system, known as a karst aquifer, allows water to percolates through porous limestone collect in underground traps. To avoid the contamination of water that occurs from fertilisers and other harmful chemicals, they aim to mimic this process by aping the cracks in the rock that cause the filtration. Using complex techniques they can now model these cracks and recreate them to create safe, pure drinking water for everyone.

At Aquatec, our water purification systems provide those not fortunate enough to live in Barbados with 98 – 99% pure water for your entire household – find out more about our water filtration process and how it makes our customers happy.

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Water Wastage: England Goes Down The Drain

Posted on: September 5th, 2011 by admin 2 Comments

One of the most ludicrous aspects of living in England is the constant hose-pipe bans and ‘droughts’ in a country where it rains almost every day.

However, the situation has apparently got so bad that we now need desalination plants. The only other country I have been to which suffers from drought problems is Cyprus, a country which is right next to the Middle East and experiences blistering summer temperatures in the high 30’s and low 40’s degrees Celsius.

While England has many good qualities, dry weather is not among them. Being caught in a downpour is a regular occurrence while flooding also happens all too often. The problem that the country has is a hopelessly outdated plumbing system which causes water to be constantly wasted through leaking. The water companies spend precious little time trying to fix the problem and instead lecture the general public about water wastage.

In fact Thames Water had the cheek to recently send around a notice accusing women of using too much water while shaving. This prompted angry responses as the company loses a staggering 915 million litres per day through water leakage.

water treatment UK water wastage england

A Desalination Plant Will be Opened in the UK

We are talking about a drastic, ridiculous state of affairs given that desalination is incredibly expensive and environmentally unfriendly.

Thames Water has decided on the desalination plant, but in fact it consumes twice as much energy as traditional methods of water treatment. And the plant will cost a whopping £270 million to build. Thames Water however denied that they were building the plant out of necessity, but said that they had decided on this course of action because they need to fine tune testing of their products.

Spokesman Simon Evans said: “We began using the desalination plant at one-sixth output on March 30, not because we need to but as part of the fine-tuning of the works and the training of its operators, and we have been using it intermittently since then.”

Thames Water provides 2,600 million litres of water a day to 8.7 million people in the London area.

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Water Purification Prevents Disease

Posted on: August 26th, 2011 by admin No Comments

Water is the basis for everything that we do including cooking, washing and drinking, but worldwide water quality is surprisingly low.

More children die from drinking dirty water than any other affliction while even the American Centre for Disease Control said that most American drinking water did not meet their cleanliness standards.

US President Barack Obama went as far as to recommend recently that every household with a cancer patient should use a watering purification system.

Therefore it has been recommended that anyone who has a weak immune system should use advanced water filtering technology.

Water Purification Prevents Disease Aquatec Bristol

Pure water is good for your health

Even if you don’t suffer from a particular ailment, general hydration is promoted for its health benefits. Regular water consumption cuts down on headaches and drinking water prevents kidney stones from forming.

Water purification prevents disease in the developing world but water treatment also purifies your water from harmful bacteria and various contaminants like benzene and perchlorate. Users of a water filtering system have reported an improvement to skin conditions due to the better quality of their showers and baths.

In fact companies such as Aquatec – the Pure Water People can guarantee up to 98% water purity and they can tailor your water filtering system to meet your individual needs. Having a water purification solution fitted involves a call-out of their pure water consultants to your house or business to assess your needs accordingly.

Naturally occurring electrolytes such as magnesium and calcium are then put back in to your water for your health benefits.

While drinking pure water cannot cure any diseases, it is a vital component in the prevention of illness and we all know that prevention is the best cure.

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