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5 Reasons to Invest in Water Treatment

Posted on: August 24th, 2011 by admin No Comments

Hard water is a problem that many homeowners suffer from and it can cause unwanted damage and unexpected bills.

Water is the essence of life and that is why pure water consultants are becoming increasingly in demand.

Companies such as Aquatec – the Pure Water People can send consultants out into your home for a free evaluation. They have various scientifically advanced water purification techniques so stop hard water deposits and limescale buildup in your home or office.

Water Treatment

Here are five good reasons to invest in water treatment UK.

1)      Cut plumbing costs

Plumbers are famous for charging a fortune and that is why prevention is the best cure as far as your pipes are concerned. Eliminating limescale stops your plumbing from becoming clogged up.

2)      Preserve the quality of your clothes

It is a deflating feeling when that prized new piece of clothing that you have bought gets old so quickly. Using soft water will help your clothes stay white, clean and pristine for longer. Tests have shown that clothes washed in pure water will last 30% longer.

Water treatment

Pure Water Saves Your Appliances

3)      Enjoy the taste of life

Water is a vital component of food preparation. Not only will pure water will make your carbs and vegetables taste better but it will also ensure that they are healthier for you.

4)      Cut your shopping spend

Using pure water will mean that you need less detergent to do the job in your washing machine.  It also makes the entire cleaning process more efficient and whether you wash plates or clothes they will dry without those irritating streaks.

5)      Preserve your home appliances

Kettles and washing machines will last much longer when they are filled with pure water as limescale is the enemy of all that they do.  As these are some of the most expensive purchases that you are likely to make in your house the potential saving is huge.

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Water Week Stresses Importance of Water Purification

Posted on: August 23rd, 2011 by admin No Comments

Water Week is currently taking place in Stockholm, Sweden, and the event will focus on how water quality can be improved for people around the world.

With the population expanding massively, proper water treatment is an increasingly pertinent concern and World Water Week discusses ways of improving water management for both food production and health.

The Swedish Minister for International Development Cooperation, Gunilla Carlsson, said: “Increased access to clean water supplies and sanitation is an important catalytic force for development. The costs of not acting far exceed the costs of well-functioning, sustainable water resource management.”

World Water Week

World Water Week 2011 in Stockholm

More children in the world die from poor water quality than any other ailment in the world and we need to find ways to compensate for water shortages. In July 2010 the UN voted that access to pure water and sanitation constituted a basic human right.

Over 100 countries will be represented by 2,500 water treatment experts at the 21st Water Week in Stockholm. Their ideas will be carried forward to the UN conference on sustainable development to be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 2012.

Other major events on the sustainable water calendar include the water, energy and food conference in Bonn, Germany, in November, and the Water Forum in Marseille, France, in March 2012.

One of the hallmarks of a developed society is good levels of sanitation due to easy pure water access. Companies such as Aquatec – Pure Water People offer advanced water treatment with a scientific water purification process that is unique to the brand.

It allows households in the UK to have clean safe water and this also puts less wear and tear on modern appliances such as washing machines and kettles. These conveniences can often become clogged with limescale and hard water deposits and are expensive to replace if they get damaged.

Aquatec has 18 years of experience in the business and they can send water consultants out to your home to test the water quality there and then come up with a water treatment solution.

The initial water quality evaluation is free so why not call the company to make an appointment? Our number is 0117 9109988.

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