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3 Misconceptions About Home Water Softener Systems

Posted on: November 28th, 2012 by admin No Comments

Home Water Softener Myths

Choosing a home water softening system is difficult as there are so many different products on the market. With that in mind we thought it was a good idea to dispel a few of the misconceptions that surround home water purification systems.

  • Many people think that all water softeners will filter impurities out of your water. In fact many water purification systems just replace the magnesium and calcium that is vital to our health with salt. Aquatec – Pure Water People on the other hand uses an advanced electrolytic media nano scale formulation to remove 98% of harmful organic and inorganic compounds including chlorine, lead, mercury, iron and hydrogen sulphide. Aquatec water softener systems put back in the naturally occurring electrolytes (for your health and well being) that other systems remove.
  • Under-sink reverse osmosis units remove calcium and magnesium too and can actually make your water more acidic. By only treating the water that comes out of the sink they do not address the problem at its source and your family will still be using hard, impure water to bathe and cook in. Reverse osmosis units fail to fail to purify water across the whole household, and they are also wasteful – with enough water to fill a swimming pool going by the wayside every year.
  • Bottled water is no substitute for water that has been properly purified and softened. Because most bottled water goes through reverse osmosis it has had the healthy components that your body actually needs stripped out of it – magnesium and calcium.

home water softener misconceptions

For these reasons you should only consider a home water softening system that treats all of the water coming into your home before your family, drink it, cook with it or bathe in it. To find out more about water softener systems then feel free to get in touch with us at  Aquatec – Pure Water People by filling out our online enquiry form  http://www.purewaterpeople.co.uk/contact.php or call us on 0117 9109988.

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Nestle Warning on World Water Shortage

Posted on: September 5th, 2012 by admin No Comments

The chief executive of Nestlé, Paul Bulcke, has said that water consumption and preservation will become a global crisis if it goes unchecked.

Nestlé is the world’s largest food company, but it is concerned about food shortages and food price rises which are coming at the expense of biofuel production.

Speaking at the World Water Week conference in Sweden, Mr Bulcke said: “We say no food for fuel. Agricultural food-based biofuel is an aberration. The EU and US should put money behind the right biofuels.”

Nestle Water Warning

Nestle issues world water warning

Current laws state that 40% of the US maize harvest must be used to make biofuels, but this becomes problematic because the country is experiencing one of its worst droughts for the last century.

Nestlé, which is responsible for a quarter of the entire world’s bottled water market, says that it is a dangerous policy to pursue biofuels despite rising prices and food and water shortages.

And without better use of water, food supplies will be severely limited.

Mr Bulcke explained: “The relationship between food and water is clear. Water should have a value. There is so much waste in the system including that produced by farms, industry, food waste and food spoilage.”

“Water is one cause of the food crisis. Governments took their eye off the ball. For years, research and development investments were very low, at 1.5% annually. We have a crisis in the making. We cannot continue to use water in the same wasteful way as before.”

If you want to use your water more efficiently by purifying and softening it, contact Aquatec pure water consultants today. Our water purification systems can cut your energy bills by up to 40%, and make your home appliances work more efficiently.

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Supermarkets Accused of Selling Bottled Tap Water

Posted on: August 21st, 2012 by admin No Comments

A Telegraph article has alleged that own brand bottled water which is on sale by UK supermarkets is in fact tap water.

Costing 17p for two litres, Smartprice Still Water from Asda and Everyday Value Still Water from Tesco are filtered directly from the mains supply, says the article. This is in spite of the fact that the basic water brands are being sold on the same shelf as upmarket brands like Perrier and Evian.

The supermarkets claim that they are saving the customer time and money by putting tap water through a filtration process which many customers choose to do anyway when they buy water filters.

Tesco and Asda filtered water

Tesco and Asda have been accused of selling bottled tap water

Asda said in a statement: “Our Smart Price water is treated to remove chlorine, further filtered, then bottled. If sparkling, carbon dioxide is added for a bit of fizz. The label on the bottle tells our customers just that.

“Our two litre bottle is 17p. For comparison – if a customer bought a Brita water filter jug at £16 and used it for the recommended 40 gallons, it would cost 21p to produce two litres of filtered water.

“We’re saving our customers time and money – as well as providing a container.”

Meanwhile a Tesco spokesperson was quoted as saying: “Our Everyday Value Still Water goes through a complex filtration process to improve the taste and remove impurities.

“Tesco sells a wide range of waters to suit all tastes and budgets. All of our products are clearly labelled so customers know what they are buying.”

If you are concerned about the quality of your mains water or bottled water, contact Aquatec today. Our home water purification systems guarantee up to 98% water purity.

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San Francisco Implements Water Purification Scheme

Posted on: July 16th, 2012 by admin No Comments

The city of San Francisco will implement a revolutionary ecological scheme by creating water bottle refilling stations.

A new law would require the refilling stations to be installed in all buildings, new and old, that already have water fountains. These water refilling stations produce a high jet stream that can fit into the tops of most water bottles.

The scheme and law would have a massive environmental impact as a huge proportion of landfill waste comes from plastic water bottles which are bought in vast quantities, quickly used up and then disposed of.

water purification scheme san francisco

A new water purification scheme is taking place in San Francisco to replace bottled water.

By providing easy access refill stations around the city of San Francisco, there would be no excuse for not reusing water bottles, and in the process making sizeable savings on purchases of Evian, Perrier and other bottled water brands.

David Chiu, the driving force behind the water bottle law, said: “This will make it easier for San Franciscans to reuse water containers and stop using plastic water bottles which are bad for the environment.”

By having special water bottle refilling stations it also eliminates the worries about germs, and the long waiting times for some drinking water fountains. A trial at Pennsylvania State University showed a reduction in the use of plastic water bottles, and demonstrated that students were more receptive to them than drinking water fountains.

Chiu called for locals to stop using plastic water bottles when cheap tap water (which is scientifically proven to be just as clean as bottled water due to the greater regulation it has to undergo) is available.

But if you want to ensure the quality of the drinking water from your tap, contact Aquatec today. We can provide you with a scientifically advanced water purification process that is unique to the brand, with the ability to purify your household water to degrees only dreamt of by your water supply company.

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Worried About Plastics Contaminating Water?

Posted on: June 14th, 2012 by admin No Comments

At Aquatec we are often asked about the benefits of drinking pure water in your home. There are many things that we can list, such as limescale prevention and making energy savings in your home.

Plastics Contaminating Water

But one of the most important health benefits is having access to water that is not contaminated in any way. New research has shown that harmful compounds can even leach from plastics into the food and drinks that we consume. And public awareness is continuing to grow over concerns about compounds such as Bisphenol A (known as BPA) which is found in plastic bottles and food containers.

A report published in 2008 by the US National Toxicology Program concluded that BPA had concerning effects on the brain, behaviour and prostate gland development in foetuses, infants and children.

Worryingly BPA is so prevalent that during tests by the US Centers For Disease Control And Prevention, it was found it in 93% of urine samples from a group of more than two and a half thousand people.

One of the biggest concerns about BPA is that it can act as an environmental oestrogen, which has been shown to affect sexual development in fish and potentially be the cause of some cancers in humans.

bottles made of plastic contaminating water with BPA

Plastic water bottles contain BPA, which some scientists fear can contaminate drinking water.

But despite millions of pounds spent on thousands of research papers, there is still no conclusive evidence one way or the other and scientists are still arguing about whether BPA is harmful to humans.

Professor Richard Sharpe of the Medical Research Council’s Centre For Reproductive Health said: “Replicability is the guardian of scientific integrity. But some of the most critical experiments to test the safety BPA simply could not be repeated.

“The trouble is that some people have been convinced that BPA is the devil’s poison and responsible for all kinds of ills. When anyone says their research does not concur, they are accused of being in the pay of the plastics industry or of using the wrong kind of mice in their experiments.”

While the medical debate rages on, if you want to protect yourself and your family from the potentially harmful effects of the plastic packaging of water, contact Aquatec today. We can carry out a free water test in your home to check for harmful contaminants. We can then fit a home water purification system if necessary.

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Bottled Water Sales Surge Despite Environmental Cost

Posted on: May 21st, 2012 by admin No Comments

The dependence on bottled water in the western world is becoming a big problem because of the environmental consequences of producing so much rubbish.

Although environmental awareness of the pitfalls of buying, and then quickly disposing of, so much plastic is increasing, so are sales of bottled water in the UK and USA.

According to market research by Zenith International, annual bottled water sales grew by 3% by the end of 2011. Meanwhile in the US total bottled water sales hit a record 9.1 billion gallons according to the Beverage Marketing Corp. That translates to a staggering four half litre bottles of water consumed by every American, every week.

Bottled water sales surge

Bottled water is bad for the environment but sales are surging.

2011 figures are the highest for bottled water sales in the US, with the industry booming at a rate that far outstrips the struggling economy. It also marks something of a resurgence for the bottled water industry which briefly went into decline four years ago, at the same time that the world went into recession.

Gary Hemphill, who is managing director for information services at Beverage Marketing, said: “Americans are drinking more bottled water because they find it convenient, appealing and healthy.”
He added: “Pricing in this category has been aggressive, which has helped.”

However those in the know are aware of the environmental costs of buying bottled water and it has become common for American colleges and universities to ban it on campus.

If you are worried about the quality of the UK water coming out of your taps, then have Aquatec install a home water purification system. Not only can you guarantee up to 98% purity in your drinking water (water so clean that even a new born baby could drink it), but you could save huge amounts of money over the years on what it would cost to buy bottled water regularly.

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Europe Debt Crisis forces Politicians to choose Tap Water

Posted on: January 17th, 2012 by admin No Comments

Politicians have long been accused of prolificacy – the banquet hosted by G8 summit leaders in 2011 to discuss the global food crisis immediately springs to mind. The decision to have an 18 course meal was a bad choice in the context of what they were discussing!

But the European debt crisis may have forced world leaders to curb their worst excesses. At an official European Union meeting this month Denmark has taken the decision to serve tap water instead of bottled water.

While this may offend the sensitive palates of some government ministers, it seems only proper that they should be seen to be tightening their belts at a time when the rest of the world is suffering economic stagnation and job losses. Bottled water has one of the highest mark-ups of any consumer product on the shelves, while tap water is free and healthy. Meanwhile towards the end of last year European bureaucrats bizzarely ruled that bottled water does not prevent dehydration.

tap water European Union

Tap water has been chosen by European Union leaders

Studies have proved that there is little difference between tap and bottled water, and that tap water actually has to go through more stringent water purification tests in order to be deemed fit for public consumption.

And that is not even to mention the environmental benefits of using tap water.

Plastic water bottles take a lot of money and energy to make and are usually consigned to the scrap heap in the same time that it takes to do a supermarket shop. Therefore if you live in an area of hard water, and want purer, softer water for the sake of your family and home appliances, then a water purification system is a good investment.

For instance the Aquatec home water purification system has a dedicated ‘C’ media that removes 98% of all harmful organic compounds such as trichloroethylene, chlorine and inorganic compounds too.

Having this installed can save you money in the long run while making tap water even safer. That provides peace of mind and relief for those who suffer from unpleasant skin conditions like Eczema. Meanwhile soft water doesn’t cause the offensive limescale buildup that has consigned many a washing, machine, kettle and heather to the junkyard. Purifying your drinking water can save you on medical bills and the sudden need to replace your home appliances. And in these harsh economic times that is a benefit to us all.

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Bottled Water Does Not Prevent Dehydration, European Commission Rules

Posted on: November 30th, 2011 by admin No Comments

A ridiculous argument has broken out in Brussels at a time when we all have bigger things to think about.

Those bureaucrats in Europe charged with making silly decisions have ruled that water does not prevent dehydration, although they have conceded that it allows the brain and body to function at its optimum.

The European Food Standards Authority (EFSA) recommended to the EC there was sufficient evidence to state on water bottles that “Water contributes to the maintenance of normal thermoregulation”, but nothing further.

does water prevent dehydration

Does bottled water prevent dehydration?

This is in contrast to information on the NHS website which says that Britons should drink at least one and a half litres of water per day as dehydration is generally caused by not drinking enough water.

The EC pronouncement was met with derision by detractors who said that if every food and drink product in the Eurozone was to go through such pedantic scrutiny it would create a mass of red tape.

In fact Members of the European parliament said that the ruling was “stupidity writ large”, while bottled companies vowed to defy it.

The argument comes down to how a product is sold and while they will not be able to say that water prevents dehydration (Food Standards Experts insist that this cannot be proven), pure drinking water does help the body to function better by regulating such factors as its temperature.

The news also had the large soft drinks association feeling anxious. A spokesman for the British Soft Drinks Association said: “Claims have been approved outlining that drinking water is good for normal physical and cognitive functions and for normal thermoregulation. We await final confirmation from the European Commission on this, which is expected soon.”

If you want to ensure the quality of drinking water in your home, why not purchase a water purification system from your local experts Aquatec?

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