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Smallest UK Water Company Forced to Shut Down

Posted on: September 28th, 2012 by admin No Comments

One of the oldest water companies in the UK may be forced to finally turn off its taps because maintenance costs were spiralling out of control.

The Fenny Compton Water Company Ltd was originally created by a local landowner in 1886 to protect the villagers of Fenny Compton from deadly diseases such as cholera.

Water was sourced from a pure spring in the Avon Dassett hills, Warwickshire, and piped through to only 36 homes and three businesses.

The company was the smallest of its kind in England but also one of the longest running. However the prospect of £200,000 worth of repairs has meant that directors of the company are now putting its future to a vote.

Company secretary Jill Rankin told the BBC: “It is really sad and nobody wants it to shut. But replacing the pipes is going to cost £200,000 and we have only got £7,000 in the bank.”
She added: “We’re asking the village whether it wants to keep the company going or shut it down and move to Severn Trent.

Warwickshire water company

Warwickshire residents may see the fenny Compton water company shut down.

“As time has gone on we are having to fix increasing numbers of leaks and the cost of fixing them has gone up substantially.”

It used to be that the Fenny Compton Water Company Ltd could get local men to repair any leaks or problems with the infrastructure. But now tight regulations mean that experienced contractors have to be called in and this costs a great deal more money.

Depending on what residents decide, there is a transfer fee for changing to Severn Trent Water of £1,500. The remaining company funds would then be distributed to pensioners and single parent families in the village.

Resident David Walker, who has helped repair burst pipes with a hammer and chisel over the years, said: “I personally wouldn’t like to see the Fenny Compton Water Company Ltd shut down because we’ve been looking after it for all these years. However the time has come when we have to replace the pipes or give up. It’s an awful shame.”

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Takeover Rumours Swirl Around UK Water Companies

Posted on: August 16th, 2012 by admin No Comments

Rumours of takeovers of UK water companies have swirled around the stock market due to share price spikes.

Indeed the largest provider of water in the UK, United Utilities, saw the share price rise to 4.9%, according to the Huffington Post. Pennon and Severn Trent also had share spikes.

Potential takeover candidates for UK water companies are all likely to come from the Middle East and the Far East, with China especially active.

The China Investment Corporation is one of the sovereign wealth funds which may be weighing a bid for United Utilities.


UK water companies china takeover

The China Investment Corporation is considering a bid for United Utilities.

David Battersby, investment manager for Redmayne-Bentley, told the Huffington Post:”Many think the market is in fact cheap at the moment. However, with no proper end in sight for the Euro, investors are not investing for growth due the risk of a country exit.”

It is not thought that there will be any effect on consumers if the water companies change hands as the new owners would want to keep the company name strong by using the existing brand currency.

However this non-involvement could not be guaranteed for smaller water companies and Chancellor George Osborne’s has said that he is doing his upmost to attract Chinese investors.

Only last year the Northumbrian Water company has been taken over by a Hong Kong based investment consortium. Therefore other local water companies are not exempt from foreign attention.

Currently UK water is highly regulated by Ofwat but some are calling for a relaxation of regulations to make mergers between smaller water providers easier.

If you are concerned about the quality of water coming out of your tap, contact Aquatec – the Pure Water People today. We use a unique process to purify and soften water, making it 100% safe to drink.

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London 2012 Olympics are Greenest Games Ever

Posted on: July 31st, 2012 by admin 1 Comment

The London 2012 Olympics is calling itself the ‘greenest games ever’ after it emerged that the athletes are using recycled water.

In an effort to cut the water usage at Olympic Park by more than half, the water that is used to water plants and flush toilets is all recycled. A special purpose built system is turning sewage into pure water and so massively cutting down on resources and energy costs.

In stark contrast to the Beijing Games, London has had to make some large cost concessions due to the economic recession that has since gripped the world.

The main source for water in Olympic Park is the £7 million Old Ford Blackwater recycling plant. Having cost Thames Water £7 million to set up, it produces 574,000 litres of non-potable water a day from north London sewage.

Recycled water at Olympic Park

Could London 2012 be the greenest games ever?

That is enough for 80,000 toilet flushes, and enough to sustain the Olympic athletes. It is also using a dual supply network to avoid using intensively treated drinking water where it is not needed.

The head of innovation for Thames Water, Rupert Kruger, said: “It is amazing to think the elite athletes of the world are using recycled sewage, sent down U-bends at homes in north London just a day or so earlier, to flush loos at the greatest sporting event on earth.”

Meanwhile the UK water minister Richard Benyon said such water treatment projects had a crucial role to play in creating the greenest games ever. By using blackwater, which is safely recycled, the Old Ford plant is only using fresh water where it is absolutely necessary and creating a sustainable water supply for the future.

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Save Water, Save Money – Why Water Leaks are Costing the Customer

Posted on: May 14th, 2012 by admin No Comments

In terms of our monthly water bills, most customers feel helpless to control their spend. Not only are the water bills fixed, but the water companies increase those bills on an annual basis.

Then, despite the fact that we have had to put up with constant downpours, there has been a hosepipe ban, and a nationwide alert, encouraging us to conserve water.

save water save money

Water companies are passing their costs for wasting water onto the customer but you can reduce your energy bills with Aquatec water purification systems.

How can this bad weather be reconciled with a severe water shortage? The answer in short is mismanagement. An outdated infrastructure means that a quarter of our water supply is being wasted, but although the UK has been suffering from its worst drought in 25 years, the water companies are still not being forced to fix their leakages. In fact Ofwat data shows that water companies will only reduce their leaks by 1.5% in the run up to 2015.

Ofwat has said that water companies have paid £200m in water wastage fines over the past six years, though customers complain that they are simply passing the costs on as the water companies made £2bn profit in 2010-11.

So while we are left in a helpless situation where we cannot control the efficiency of our water company, there is a simple way to reduce your energy bills. Aquatec water purification systems have been proven to cut energy bills by up to 40%, by declogging your pipes and home appliances from harmful limescale.

This allows water to do more work for you, whether it is passing through your taps, your shower or your washing machine. Contact Aquatec today to book a free water test and see how we can make your water work harder in your home.

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Water Bills Rise in UK

Posted on: January 31st, 2012 by admin No Comments

Water bills are set to rise again in the UK, which is why customers will look for any assistance possible to stop them flushing money down the drain.

By April the average household water bill across the UK is set to be £376 which is a significant 5.7% rise.

Studies have shown that the presence of limescale increases water bills by 40% because dishwashers, washing machines and kettles have to work harder when they are clogged by scale.

Water Bills Increase

Don't let your money sink away

When you use the Aquatec Water Purification System we can guarantee that your kettle will descale within 12-16 weeks of installation and your other home appliances will also benefit.

Furthermore this also saves on the expense of calling out plumbers and engineers to fix compromised equipment, while at the same time extending the life of your most important products like boilers and central heating systems.

Another saving, both for your pocket and the environment, comes from the fact that fewer detergents are needed in soft water. Therefore you can spend less on your dishwashing tablets and washing machine powder.

Ofwat said that the price rises would help ensure a better quality of service: “We will make sure customers get value for money. Water companies are investing £22 billion by 2015 which will deliver benefits to us all – from continuing to improve reliability of supplies to cleaner rivers and beaches.”

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Small Businesses Can Now Switch Water Supplier

Posted on: November 8th, 2011 by admin No Comments

The news that small businesses will be given the option to switch water suppliers will have big ramifications for the drinking water industry.

Currently only large businesses that use huge amounts of water every year are allowed to switch, but the change in laws could open this possibility to another 24,000 businesses across the UK.

This week the UK Parliament heard proposals to bring down the threshold cut off point from 50 to five megalitres.

drinking water industry

More Small Businesses Can Now Switch Water Suppliers

Richard Benyon, the Environment Minister, said: “This change will allow a huge number of extra businesses to search out better water deals by switching supplier.”

The proposals have taken a couple of years to be implemented, having been made following the 2009 Cave Review into water markets. At the moment there is a monopoly on water supply in the UK
with businesses having to rely on their rates from the same companies that offer you and I water supply in our homes.

However businesses do have the benefits of lowering their water costs should they run the water supply efficiently, which effectively makes them water supply licensees.

Ofwat, the industry regulator, said that this had meant that although seven companies are registered as water supply licensees, just one of more than 2,000 eligible businesses has ever chosen to switch providers.

By the end of 2011 a White Paper will be released which details changes to the industry. Ofwat is hoping that the changes will make the industry more competitive and less open to monopolisation.

That in turn should be good news for small and medium sized business owners. The same changes were made in Scotland three year ago and are generally thought to have lowered prices and increased customer satisfaction, even though Business Stream is still the main service provider.

Currently in England the only businesses which can be said to be truly competitive are in the water waste disposal sector and the water purification systems industry.

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Wessex Water Treatment Report Highlights Poor Waste Management

Posted on: September 29th, 2011 by admin No Comments

The Wessex Water team has released an insight into all the work they put into water treatment process and waste management in the autumn issue of their quarterly magazine.

For those who think they are drinking pure water it is a shocking insight into the challenges faced by the water company to make the local water supply safe.

wessex water treatment process

Wessex Water Explains Its Catchment Program


Wessex Water Treatment Process

Wessex Water prides itself on having been the first water company to set up a catchment program to work together with local farmers. The program is designed to reduce the amounts of pesticides and fertilizers which were finding their way into the water supply.

The Wessex catchments and hydrogeology manager Paul Stanfield said: “Building treatment plans to remove potential contaminants is the traditional way of treating drinking water. But this approach has a high cost and high carbon footprint. We wanted to find a more sustainable solution and so turned to the catchment program.”

Mr Stanfield went on to explain how his team of advisers set about contacting all the farmers and landowners in the area so that they could come to an understanding and work together. As far as he is concerned it is about raising awareness to prevent water pollution. That involves making sure that contaminants such as pesticides and slurry do not get in contact with the drinking supply.

Wessex estimates that the catchment management program has saved the company nearly £75 million in water treatment costs.

Water companies do treat all water, but as water is recycled the safest way to drink pure water in your household can be to invest in a personal water filtration system. With 18 years of experience in the business, Aquatec Bristol is a trusted family company that you can deal with for all your UK water purification needs.

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Water Wastage: England Goes Down The Drain

Posted on: September 5th, 2011 by admin 2 Comments

One of the most ludicrous aspects of living in England is the constant hose-pipe bans and ‘droughts’ in a country where it rains almost every day.

However, the situation has apparently got so bad that we now need desalination plants. The only other country I have been to which suffers from drought problems is Cyprus, a country which is right next to the Middle East and experiences blistering summer temperatures in the high 30’s and low 40’s degrees Celsius.

While England has many good qualities, dry weather is not among them. Being caught in a downpour is a regular occurrence while flooding also happens all too often. The problem that the country has is a hopelessly outdated plumbing system which causes water to be constantly wasted through leaking. The water companies spend precious little time trying to fix the problem and instead lecture the general public about water wastage.

In fact Thames Water had the cheek to recently send around a notice accusing women of using too much water while shaving. This prompted angry responses as the company loses a staggering 915 million litres per day through water leakage.

water treatment UK water wastage england

A Desalination Plant Will be Opened in the UK

We are talking about a drastic, ridiculous state of affairs given that desalination is incredibly expensive and environmentally unfriendly.

Thames Water has decided on the desalination plant, but in fact it consumes twice as much energy as traditional methods of water treatment. And the plant will cost a whopping £270 million to build. Thames Water however denied that they were building the plant out of necessity, but said that they had decided on this course of action because they need to fine tune testing of their products.

Spokesman Simon Evans said: “We began using the desalination plant at one-sixth output on March 30, not because we need to but as part of the fine-tuning of the works and the training of its operators, and we have been using it intermittently since then.”

Thames Water provides 2,600 million litres of water a day to 8.7 million people in the London area.

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