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Benefits of Pure Water for Babies

Here at Aquatec – the pure water people we are passionate about the benefits that our pure water can provide for the entire family. Our whole house water purification systems deliver numerous benefits for all but perhaps none more so than babies. Babies are so precious and delicate that our instinct is to protect them from any harm and ensure they have the very best start in life - this means making sure the water they come in contact with is pure.

Benefits of Pure Water

  • Super soft on their skin
  • Bath them as often as you like without drying out their skin
  • Softer clothes, towels, reusable nappies and more
  • Helps keep skin conditions under control
  • Water so pure that babies can drink it
  • Protecting the environment and their future

Bathing and Washing Your Baby in Pure Water

How often should I bath my baby?

Most babies love being in the water. Giving them a warm bath every day can be a real highlight for everyone involved. The warm water relaxes and soothes your baby. There is advice out there that says to only bath them once or twice a week (especially with new born babies). This is because in hard water areas the water dries out their skin and can damage it. Not only does hard water dry out your baby’s skin, but also yours too. Our whole house water purification puts an end to this and means you can bath them as much as you both want.

When it comes to bathing your baby, you can choose to bath them in a small baby bath, the kitchen sink or in your normal bath. With pure water you will find that you no longer have to deal with horrible scum from hard water around the bath, sink, bath seat or baby bath.

It is not just at bath-time when your baby can benefit from pure water. It is vitally important to wash your baby between baths too – they will need their faces gently cleaned on a regular basis and their bottoms cleaned when you change their nappy. Ordinarily, you would have to boil the water before washing your baby’s face. This is no longer necessary with pure water, saving you time when you have little to spare.

When your baby is more than a couple of months old, you can enjoy having a bath with them. It’s important to have a quick shower or wash before getting in the bath with them – yet more time for your own skin to come in content with hard water which dries out your skin and hair too. With Aquatec’s systems, your household water is softened and purified. For more information on bathing your baby visit the Baby Centre.

Eczema and Babies

Is Soft Water Good for Skin Conditions in Infants?

If your baby has eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis or cradle cap it is important to do all you can to not exacerbate the condition. Using softened and purified water is one way that you can have a positive impact on their skin.

Eczema can be extremely distressing in babies because they find it near impossible not to scratch. It is horrible as a parent to feel helpless as this lead to infections and causes your baby to be in pain. In some cases eczema can be so bad that it disturbs your child's sleep too.

Anything that dries your child’s skin out will make the eczema worse. It’s important to prevent flare-ups by moisturising the skin and taking steps to stop it drying out. You can do this by using generous amounts of emollient throughout each day. There are bath emollients available that you can add to water when you bath them but remember that these make them extra slippery. Topical steroids can be used to bring flare ups under control.

Another step you should take to prevent their skin from drying out is to install an Aquatec whole house water purification system. Hard water is known to dry out skin, especially that of babies. By using the softened and purified water our system provides your baby’s skin does not dry out as much and flare ups are dramatically reduced. Soft water also means that you use less mild soap and bath emollient which saves you money. Parents have commented positively on the ability of softened and purified water on reducing flare ups. For more information on infant and toddler eczema visit the National Eczema Society.

Laundry and Babies

Pure water allows you to wash your baby’s clothes, blankets, bibs, towels, flannels, muslin and cloth nappies (the list goes on and on) as much as needed without them losing their softness.

As soon as you have a baby, you’ll be amazed at just how much more laundry you have. In fact the washing machine seems to be constantly on. By having an Aquatec whole house purification system in your home, you can wash all of your baby’s clothes regularly without worrying about them losing their softness and becoming scratchy and irritating to your baby’s skin. They will also keep their vibrant colours for longer.

The same applies to reusable and cloth/cotton nappies which you can wash very frequently without them becoming uncomfortable even for the most sensitive areas. Some parents are put off by reusable nappies due to the washing aspect but in the long run these are an economical option as they can be used over and over again. Disposable nappies are also bad for the environment as you throw them away and parts of them do not decompose.

When you know that the washing machine will leave your fabric feeling super soft, it really does have a big impact on your routines. Take the bath process. You clean your baby all over with a flannel before lifting them from the water and placing them on a dry towel. You then wrap them up nice and warm and pat them dry with the towel. Once dry, you then put them in a cloth nappy and dress them in clean clothes before wrapping them in a snuggly blanket. It all sounds so perfect but imagine if all of these items that are used are dry and scratchy from over-washing. Now imagine it with super soft fabric and it really is perfect.

A general but fantastic benefit of using pure water is that your washing machine, along with all other appliances that come in contact with water, will last much longer. There is no more lime scale deposits damaging the internal components of your expensive appliances. You also need to use less washing powder.  

Drinking Water and Babies

Can babies drink water?

Many parents want to know when it is safe to start giving your baby water. It is widely agreed that this should not be before 6 months. Babies under this age get all the fluids they need to remain healthy from breast milk or formula so don’t actually need to take on more water. You may want to give your baby water if the weather is very hot, they seem thirsty between feeds or if they have a fever or are constipated. It is also necessary when weaning your baby.

When you make formula, you need to boil your tap water or bottled water. Artificially softened water is not advised for babies, even in formula, but Aquatec’s water is purified and not softened so has none of the harmful sodium and is fine to use. With pure water from your Aquatec home water system, you don’t need to worry.

Even when they reach 6 months and are able to have water from the tap that has not been boiled, you should think seriously about what is in your tap water. Tap water in the UK can contain chlorine, arsenic, fluorine compounds and nitrate. Chances are you will want to continue to boil it and maybe not use it at all. Take a look at this infographic to see just some of the nasties that may be present in your tap water. At Aquatec, we pride ourselves on the purity of our drinking water – 98% pure – and the fact that we remove all of the damaging elements and only put back in the ones that are beneficial to your well-being.

Some people like to give their baby bottled water as an alternative to tap water but this an expensive option and also one that adds to an already spiralling environmental issue with the number of plastic water bottles. With bottled water, the sodium levels can also be high which can be damaging to your baby. Pure water from Aquatec guarantees that the water from your taps is safe to drink by your baby. Because drinking plenty of pure water is so beneficial to your child’s future health, it is important to get them to enjoy the taste and experience of drinking water from a young age. This couldn’t be easier with the taste of pure water.

Cooking with Pure Water for your Baby

When your child moves onto solids, you will also benefit if you cook with pure water. It helps make their food taste good. You can also use pure water to wash pieces of fruit and vegetable without worry. An idea is to make ice lollies from pureed fruit or sugar-free squash with pure water for your baby. Why not use dummies in a lolly mould or ice-cube tray?

Blue Baby Syndrome and Nitrates

Methaemoglobinaemia or ‘blue baby syndrome’ as it is more commonly known is when your baby’s blood is unable to transport the necessary amounts of oxygen around their body. One of the most common causes of blue baby syndrome is high levels of nitrates in their drinking water. You can prevent ‘blue baby syndrome’ by making sure that nitrate levels in your water are safe. Our home water systems do just this, filtering out nitrates.

One of our customers experienced the benefits of our whole house water purification when it helped her granddaughter recover from the syndrome. She told us:  “My Granddaughter was born with ‘Blue Baby Syndrome’ and my firm belief was that the nitrates in our tao water were not helping her condition. Within a couple of weeks of drinking and bathing in purified water she improved dramatically and I do feel that your system played a major part in this.”

Protecting The Environment and Your Baby's Future

At Aquatec – the pure water people, we pride ourselves on providing the purest water whilst protecting the environment. Now more than ever, we need to do all we can to protect the planet so that our children have a future. We do everything we can to reduce the environmental impact of our manufacturing and installation processes. By installing one of our whole house water purification systems, you will no longer need to buy bottled water. This reduces the amount of plastic you use and your carbon footprint. Most bottled water has clocked up an alarming number of miles by the time it reaches your supermarket. To read more about Aquatec’s environmental commitment click here