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Aquatec will provide you with a scientifically advanced water purification process that is unique to the brand, with the technically engineered ability to purify your drinking, cooking and even household water to degrees only dreamt of by your supply company.

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Financial Benefits

Saving You Money

benefits of pure water financial

At Aquatec, our complete water purification systems are engineered to save you money as well as deliver the many benefits of pure water.

Our water purification systems remove all of the limescale and pollutants from your incoming water supply, purifying and filtering the mains water as it enters your home.

You will start to reap the financial benefits of pure water straightaway:

  • Extending the life of your boiler and central heating system
  • Saving you money on costly repairs and maintenance
  • Preventing future limescale build-up
  • De-scaling all of your water-related appliances from day one of installation
  • No more scratching and damaging your bathroom, shower and kitchen
  • Saving you a possible 40% on energy costs (when heating hard water in the home)
  • No more buying bottled water and jug filters

All of your water-related appliances will work more effectively as you tackle the limescale before it enters your home.

More Time, Less Money

A little really does go a long way when you combine pure water with your household cleaning and personal care products. You will be amazed at how much less of everything you use from shampoo to washing powder.

Save money on household cleaning and personal care products:

  • You can use a small capful of washing powder and no fabric conditioner, great for your pocket and the environment.
  • Say goodbye to expensive dishwasher salt and rinse aids, and you only need to use half the amount of liquid too!
  • The general day-to-day cleaning of your home will be easier - our scale-free water allows you to wash your bathroom, surfaces, floors and even the greasiest of pans, in cold water alone!
  • You will never need to buy costly sprays, bleaches, polishes again; using pure water technology, those products can stay on the supermarket shelves as you benefit from the savings in your pocket.

Aquatec provides you with home water treatment that is unique to the brand. We have the technically engineered ability to purify your household drinking and cooking water to degrees only dreamt of by your water supply company, and any other competitors.