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Aquatec will provide you with a scientifically advanced water purification process that is unique to the brand, with the technically engineered ability to purify your drinking, cooking and even household water to degrees only dreamt of by your supply company.

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Health Benefits

water benefits on skin

It is an accepted medical fact that proper hydration promotes vitality, good health and good skin. So what could be better than a glass of crystal clear, clean filtered water - whenever you want it?

Pure water is vital to every cell and organ in the human body, keeping you and your family hydrated, healthy and fit. But you need drinking water of such high quality that even a new born baby can drink it.

International medical opinion acknowledges that a regular supply of professionally filtered water - free from potentially harmful impurities such as chemical compounds, hormones, heavy metals, viruses and bacteria - can have a more positive impact on your health.

People who have (or had) depleted immune systems due to ill health or treatment and medication, need the peace of mind that they can drink a regular supply of crystal clear, purified water that is as close to how nature intended water to be.

The Complete Aquatec Water Purification System offers you purity of up to 98%. In addition to this our unique Aquatec Ultra-Fine Ninth Stage process puts the naturally occurring electrolytes (calcium and magnesium) back into your drinking water, to promote even greater health and total wellbeing. It also makes your drinking and cooking water taste great too!

Water Benefits on Skin

Many of Aquatec's customers have noticed a positive change in skin conditions when showering or bathing with treated water.

Hard water can be especially tough on skin for those with eczema. The Eczema Society has reported that skin conditions are more prevalent for those living in hard water areas, while treated water has benefits on skin that help towards improving the condition dramatically.

There are scientific studies which show that hard water on skin is a risk factor for those prone to eczema.

The use of professionally filtered water in the family home is medically known to be kinder to your skin, as the Aquatec Water Purification Process removes the hardness, chlorine/chloramine, heavy metals, and other chemical impurities and bacteria that are known to aggravate problem skin.

When you feel healthy and hydrated you will look good too. With the complete Aquatec Water Purification System you will not only feel the water benefits on your skin but also experience luxurious bathing; naturally soft moistened skin and your hair will become lustrous and easy to manage. It offers a total body experience!