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Aquatec will provide you with a scientifically advanced water purification process that is unique to the brand, with the technically engineered ability to purify your drinking, cooking and even household water to degrees only dreamt of by your supply company.

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Environmental Benefits

why purify water

Aquatec is committed to our shared environment. As a progressive and innovative leader in water purification, Aquatec promotes sustainable processes in the manufacture and installation of our equipment. We consider this environmental stewardship an essential investment in our customers, our team and the wider community.

Contributing to a Better World

Aquatec’s commitment to our planet:

  • To reduce the environmental impact of our manufacturing and installation processes
  • To reduce both your carbon footprint and ours
  • To cut the amount of plastic waste – before and after manufacture and installation


Why Purify Water?

Our scientifically-advanced range of Aquatec Water Purification and Filtration Systems are specifically designed to provide you with pure and safe water whilst protecting our shared environment. It improves your health, stops you wasting money and energy and lowers your carbon footprint.

Why purify water with Aquatec? Because you, like us, are committed to the environment as well as your own health and well-being.

At Aquatec, we only use plastics that are food grade, contain no toxins and are designed to be 94.9% recyclable. Our team will always carefully plan appointments to limit harmful fuel emissions by avoiding undue traffic.

Aquatec empowers its customers and staff to strive for a better and safer environment by:

  • Reducing your own carbon footprint by removing the equivalent of 1½ cars from the road every year
  • Benefiting from savings with gas and electricity by using far less energy every day
  • Cutting your need for household cleaning and personal care products by half, significantly reducing the load on environmental waste disposal

Aquatec’s commitment to building a better tomorrow means that we are in the process of developing:

  • A unique Rain Water Harvesting System
  • High performance solar energy cells for energy conservation

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