Hard Water, What's The Cost?

Protect your home from limescale

Unfortunately, living in a hard water area is a matter of geography and geology, but that doesn’t mean that you have to tolerate the numerous harmful, costly and unsightly effects caused by hard water.

Every time you turn on your taps, switch on your central heating system or use any of your water-heating appliances, you are wasting money, washing it down the drain – and it’s undoubtedly costing you a lot more than you think!

Unseen lime scale deposits build up inside dishwashers, washing machines, immersion heaters and showers, reducing performance and shortening their lifespan. Central heating elements scale up, pumps clog, pipes corrode and hoses split leading to costly replacements. Widely used water industry data suggests that lime scale deposits of as little as 4.5 mm may increase your heating costs by as much as 40%*

*(Study on Benefits of Removal of Water Hardness [Calcium and Magnesium Ions] from a water supply. By: D. D. Paul, V.V. Gadkari, D.P. Evers, M.E. Goshe, and D.A. Thornton. Battelle Memorial  Institute, 505 King Avenue, Columbus, OH 43201. U.S.A.)

Protect your home

Your home

A Pure Water People Complete Water Purification and Filtration System is designed to eradicate all of the problems caused by your hard water, filtering out all of the hardness-causing compounds that lead to scale build up, together with 98% to 99% of all other impurities.

The financial benefits speak for themselves

We have designed and tested a range of Complete Water Purification & Filtration Systems that are scientifically engineered to save you money.

Our water treatment systems will remove all of the scale and pollutants from your incoming water supply, purifying & filtering the mains water as it enters your home:-

More time, less money!

A little really does go a long way when you combine pure water with your household cleaning and personal care products. You will literally use much less of everything from shampoo to laundry soap. The general day to day cleaning of your home will also become easier when you clean your bathroom, work surfaces and floors using cold treated water alone.

Protect your home

Add years onto your applicances