Wessex Water Treatment Report Highlights Poor Waste Management

29 September 2011

The Wessex Water team has released an insight into all the work they put into water treatment process and waste management in the autumn issue of their quarterly magazine.

For those who think they are drinking pure water it is a shocking insight into the challenges faced by the water company to make the local water supply safe.

Wessex Water Explains Its Catchment Program


Wessex Water Treatment Process

Wessex Water prides itself on having been the first water company to set up a catchment program to work together with local farmers. The program is designed to reduce the amounts of pesticides and fertilizers which were finding their way into the water supply.

The Wessex catchments and hydrogeology manager Paul Stanfield said: “Building treatment plans to remove potential contaminants is the traditional way of treating drinking water. But this approach has a high cost and high carbon footprint. We wanted to find a more sustainable solution and so turned to the catchment program.”

Mr Stanfield went on to explain how his team of advisers set about contacting all the farmers and landowners in the area so that they could come to an understanding and work together. As far as he is concerned it is about raising awareness to prevent water pollution. That involves making sure that contaminants such as pesticides and slurry do not get in contact with the drinking supply.

Wessex estimates that the catchment management program has saved the company nearly £75 million in water treatment costs.

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