Does Water Mismanagement Cause Floods and Droughts?

8 November 2012

Mismanagement of water is leaving UK homes open to both drought and flooding, according to a number of leading charities.

Water companies are taking too much water from rivers leaving supplies low, but we are still vulnerable to flooding due to a lack of defences in flood plains.

2012 was an all or nothing year for water in the UK, a bad drought was followed by one of the wettest summers on record. However if we have another dry winter then drought could rear its ugly head again. Meanwhile the risk of being flooded is still very present for many low lying areas of the country that are near to rivers.

Water mismanagement creates a flood risk

16 charities, including the RSPB and Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust, are so concerned about the threat of floods and droughts they commissioned a report into the state of the water system.

Their findings were damning, namely that the government is not doing enough to make water management sustainable in the UK. Where they are failing is in the setting of targets for water companies and in the greater uptake of a widespread water meter system.

Rob Cunningham, Head of Water Policy for the RSPB, said the risk of flooding and drought has increased in 2013 because the Government has been too slow to act.

He said:  “If we fail to plan for drought we will end up with a situation like 1976 with people queuing for standpipes. At the same time we are not going to be ready for a flood like 2007 if we don’t make sure new buildings are prepared for flooding, drainage systems are made sustainable and old buildings are retrofitted.”

The Department for the Environment countered:“We know we are facing increasing pressures on our water supply. That is why we have published a draft Water Bill that will build resilience into our water infrastructure by creating the conditions to encourage innovation and reduce demand.”

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