What is in Tap Water?

20 September 2013

It is a question that we hear all of the time – what is in tap water? is tap water safe to drink? Although tap water is classified as ‘safe’ to drink there are a number of chemicals that are found in a glass of uk tap water that have detrimental affects on your health. The chemicals and amounts vary depending on the area where you live. The following infographic shows you the commonly occurring chemicals that can be found in a glass of tap water.

Infographic: What is in Tap Water?

what is in UK tap water

For more information on what these chemicals are and what they do click here.

At Aquatec – the Pure Water People our whole house water purification systems filter out all of these chemicals found in tap waterduring our nine stage purification process. This leaves you with pure water with numerous health benefits. Further to this, we ensure that we add back in the naturally-occurring electrolytes like calcium and magnesium into your drinking water so you reap the benefits. To find out more about the health benefits of pure water please click here or call us now on 0117 9109988 or let us call you at a convenient time.