Commercial Water Softeners: 8 Businesses That Can Step Ahead of the Competition With a Commercial Water Softener

25 November 2013

Water softeners are being integrated into homes all over the UK. But it’s not just homes that can benefit from water softeners. Here we take a look at 8 businesses that can step ahead of the competition and benefit financially from a commercial water softener.


Commercial Water Softeners for Cafes & Coffee Shops

Commercial Water Softeners for Cafes & Coffee ShopsA water filter is a must if your café or coffee shop serves fresh coffee through an espresso machine.

Espresso machines boil water at a very high temperature and pressure, meaning that lime scale forms at a very fast rate on espresso machines resulting in costly repairs.

Limescale build up in your coffee machine can be avoided with a water softener.



Commercial Water Softeners for Hairdressers

Commercial Water Softeners for HairdressersA water softener has so many benefits for hairdressers and beauty salons. Normal tap water is full of chlorine, which is harmful for customers’ hair as well as staff’s skin.

Regular exposure to chlorine can strip out hair colour and cause hair to become brittle – exactly the opposite result you want from a trip to the hairdressers. A water softener will send customers away with hair that feels sleek and healthy.

Hairdressers typically spend hours every day with their hands in water. Hard water can cause a number of painful skin problems including eczema and dermatitis.

A commercial water softener system fitted to the water mains of the salon will result in soft water from all water outlets – including sinks and shower heads.


Commercial Water Softeners for Schools

Commercial Water Softeners for SchoolsThere are a number of ways that schools can benefit from a water softener.

One concern in schools is the amount of limescale that builds up on dinner-plates and cutlery from dishwashers. Limescale deposits in a water system allow water to pool when the fixtures aren’t in use, letting bacteria grow and potentially contaminate dishes and cutlery. A water filter will soften water, preventing limescale build up and resulting in cleaner dishes.

Another concern is the link between hard water and eczema. Eczema is up to 50% more common among primary school pupils who live in hard water areas. Installing a water softener will help control eczema among school pupils by not exposing them to hard water, which irritates sensitive skin.


Commercial Water Softeners for Restaurants & Bars

Commercial Water Softeners for Restaurants & BarsRestaurants and bar owners can save a lot of money by installing a water softener system.

Savings can be made on restaurant equipment and maintenance by reducing limescale. Dishwashers, ice machines, coffee machines, steamers are all susceptible to corrosion after limescale builds up. This can be avoided by using a commercial water softener.

Customers also benefit from water filters as purified water boasts higher purity levels than bottled water.




Commercial Water Softeners for Leisure Centres

Commercial Water Softeners for Leisure CentresLeisure Centres typically offer many hot and cold water services – from swimming pools to showers and steam rooms to drinks fountains.

Using a water softener not only provides a better experience for your members but can also save you money. Whilst fully softening your swimming pool water isn’t normally recommended, there are many other ways a water softener can help your leisure centre, we look at just a handful of the benefits below:

  • Water softeners reduce the levels of chlorine in showers, leaving customers with healthy hair and skin. Softened water also prevents limescale building up, leaving your showers looking new and clean for longer.
  • Water fountains will return purified water for your members, meaning they no longer need to bring bottled water into the club.
  • Bringing purified water into the clubs water mains will also help the laundry service – meaning softer towels.


Commercial Water Softeners for Hotels, B&Bs & Holiday lets

Commercial Water Softeners for Hotels, B&Bs & Holiday letsSoftened water in hotels can offer that little bit of luxury to your guests. One of the many benefits of purified water in hotels is when doing laundry. Washing linen and towels in soft water makes them feel cleaner and fresher for longer as soft water contains few or no calcium or magnesium ions.

Guests will also enjoy soft water showers, purified drinking water and cleaner crockery and glassware.
The hotel will benefit from real cost savings in the service, maintenance and replacement of dishwashers, laundry machines and showers.



Commercial Water Softeners for Maternity Wards/ Birthing Centres

Commercial Water Softeners for Maternity Wards/ Birthing CentresBabies are extremely susceptible to hard water, so it is vital that all water they come into contact with in early stages of life is purified.

Having purified water in maternity wards or birthing centres means you can wash your baby as often as you like without drying their skin and skin conditions are kept under control. Water that has gone through an Aquatec water system is pure enough for babies to drink.




Commercial Water Softeners for Bakeries

Commercial Water Softeners for BakeriesWater plays a vital part when baking goods, especially when baking bread. Water accounts for around 40% of the total dough mass.

Water plays an important role in the whole baking process, hard water is alkaline which weakens the gluten and makes a loaf with less volume. So if your water is too hard, this will be reflected in the dough as well as the quality and shelf-life of the finished product. Use a water filter to soften the water used in your dough.




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