10 Adorable GIFs that Prove Cats Love Water

17 June 2014


We are amazed at just how much cats enjoy water – playing with it, drinking it, even showering in it. Cats love water. Who knew? These ten GIFS prove it beyond all doubt.


First thing’s first – inspect the quality of your water

Cat water GIF

GIF via Twasmypie.Tumblr

If it’s good enough to drink then drink…

Cat sipping water GIF

GIF via BROOKLYN 1986 on Tumblr


You’ll find it really quite refreshing…

Persian cat drinking water

GIF via plumbunnie Tumblr


“I loves it, I do”

Cat Horizontal enjoying water from tap

GIF via Forever Catz! Tumblr


It’s pretty moreish too…

Cat drinking from tap

GIF via Carl Drogo the Cat on Tumblr


But, one may prefer it from a glass

cats love softened water GIF


It’s not just good for drinking, it’s great for washing in too

cat showering under tap

GIF via icatmeme Tumblr


Cat in shower GIF

GIF via


cat in bath GIF


 And sometimes, just sometimes, water can save your life

Cat on surfboard GIF

GIF via LUXTA on Tumblr


Our customers that have had our water purification systems installed have been amazed at the many benefits pure water provides. But one benefit that took them by surprise and us was how just how much their pets and animals enjoyed the switch to purified water. Give us a call today on 0117 910 9988.

Cat enjoying water