Ten Best Teapots

28 August 2014

It’s no secret that here at Aquatec – the Pure Water People we love a good cup of tea. It goes without saying that the quality of the tea and the purity of the water are first and foremost when it comes to making an excellent cuppa. And then there are a whole host of preparatory stages to get right – check out our blog on How to Make the Best Tea – for more on this. Then we turn our attention to the teapot. We have rounded up the ten best teapots by character so that you can find your perfect brewing partner:

The Innovator

The Sorapot by Joey Roth is the pinnacle of contemporary design, combining elegance with ingenuity.


The Vintage

This Art Deco Eiffel tower teapot and hot water urn has everything a retrophile could want – stylish 1920’s lines,  contrasting chrome and Bakerite, of course, an element of kitsch playfulness.


Art deco teapot eiffel tower


The Designer

There is a simplicity and elegance to Nick Munro’s Sunfish teapot that makes it oh so covetable.

teapot nick munro best teapots

Image via


The Nature Lover

If you are a fan of the great outdoors then this gorgeous textured stoneware tree teapot from Swedish designer Jakob Solgren is just the ticket.

stoneware teapot tree wood

Image via


The Animal Lover

There are a plethora of animal teapots on the market ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous – we think that any animal lover will find this sculpted piece from South African artist Fée Halsted’s Ardmore collective delightful.

animal lover best teapot elephant

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The Thirsty

If you have a big tea-thirsty family or work in a cafe then you can’t beat the classic 6 pint stainless steel catering teapot. More tea anyone?

stainless steel teapot large catering

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The Traditionalist

Sometimes traditional is best. This classic teapot from Le Creuset does everything you need it to and it does it well.

Le Creuset classic teapot

The Weird

This incredible steampunk teapot is handmade by artist Richard Symons and is a true work of art.

Steam punk teapot

Image via Etsy


The Wonderful 

Jim Connell’s carved stoneware creation is indeed wonderful. Inspired by Chinese teapots, it is a hand-carved and possesses genuine poise.

Jim Connell Teapot carved

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