Eczema Help: Online Resources

10 October 2014


Unless you have direct experience of eczema – living with the condition yourself or seeing someone you care about with it – it is nearly impossible to know quite how debilitating it can be and how many areas of your life it affects. With one in five children in the UK now suffering from eczema, more and more people are starting to see the true impact of this condition. It can also be a long term condition, continuing well into adulthood.

It is particularly distressing for parents to see their child suffering, especially when you feel largely helpless. In this position, you are willing to try anything to ease the condition and reduce any environmental aspects potentially causing ‘flare-ups’.


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The process of Googling topics related to eczema can be frustrating and seem utterly fruitless, especially when you are returned a number of articles describing the latest ‘miracle’ products or just plain advertisements. You come across so much online that just doesn’t ring true – that is why we decided to put together this guide that features only trustworthy sources on eczema. The reality is that everyone’s condition is different with different triggers and requiring different management but these resources aim to provide eczema help for everyone or at least a safe environment in which to discuss the condition.


Eczema Websites

The following websites provide authoritative eczema information, resources and advice that provide a good general overview of many aspects of the condition.


Eczema Blogs

The following eczema blogs are all written by people willing to share their experiences in a candid manner. With personal and honest writing, it helps you connect with them and not feel alone. These real-life insights provide you with more specific details of the day-to-day trials and tribulations as well as including productive advice.

I Have Eczema – Honest, brave and inspirational blog from Jenny Stradling who has severe eczema, raising awareness of eczema and related skin conditions.

Topical Steroid Withdrawal – Louise Jones charts her journey after quitting topical steroids.

Living in Eczema – Popular Tumblr account where people share their personal experience with eczema

What Allergy – contains articles on eczema

Peter Beech – Peter Beech wrote about his eczema in a blog series for the Guardian in which he discussed his experiences with homeopathic treatments and his condition in general. He offered this pithy and insightful close: “Eczema is a chronic illness, not a serious one: its power to hurt you lies in its persistence and longevity rather than in its severity. If you can accept that it will always be there, treating it becomes just another complication; something to manage to do – like eating well, exercising regularly and working for money – alongside what you consider to be meaningful in life, such as writing a book or falling in love. And then it’s not so bad.”

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Other Eczema Resources

Reddit Forum – a place to discuss any aspect of eczema and share experiences with people that are willing to listen and provide advice

Adrian Morris on Atopic Eczema – PDF overview of atopic eczema.

Netmums on Eczema in Babies and all articles and forum discussions on eczema

Mumsnet on Eczema – scroll through these results for relevant discussions on eczema

The effect of Hard Water on Eczema – a look at how hard water and contaminants in water supply can impact eczema


Eczema Accounts on Twittereczema twitter



Eczema Tips

  • Give your child a bedtime routine – Dr Colin Holden, president of the British Association of Dermatologists, stresses the importance of giving your child a bedtime routine. For many children with eczema it can be difficult to sleep as their skin becomes itchier at night. Any routine should include applying moisturiser at least twenty minutes before putting them to bed.
  • Wash new clothes before wearing them as this will remove any nasty chemicals.
  • Keep nails short
  • Use cotton sheets or a natural-fibre duvet
  • Anti-scratch mittens for babies – especially at night
  • Moisturise regularly especially after bathing or showering
  • Identify your triggers – one of the best ways to get on top of eczema is to identify your triggers and do your best to avoid them.



Read about the health benefits of water purification from Aquatec and how it can help reduce eczema flare-ups.