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The importance of water before anything else 

The importance of water to your wellbeing should be top of your list before you start thinking about training schedules, sleep quality or a diet-plan. Don’t be fooled by Instagram telling you that you need to have a filter on to look good or feel great, you just need a glass of water. One more glass of water a day is the first step to feeling great. 
Humans are 60% water and maintaining our water balance is essential to keep us healthy, energised and focused. Despite this, many of us aren’t as hydrated as we should be and the water that we are drinking isn’t up to standard. As we continue to keep moving breathing, sweating and going to the loo, we lose essential fluid, and it needs to be replaced throughout the day. 
When you drink enough water, you don’t feel thirsty and your urine is clear. Drinking enough water means drinking with each meal, between meals and as soon as you wake up. When you’re hot or exercising you should drink extra water as well as when you’re ill. 
Purification of water improves the quality of water you drink. Despite water supply to domestic households in the UK being highly regulated and some of the safest in the world to drink, it still harbours hormones, chlorine and other undesirables. 
Here are three valid reasons to drink more water AND five reasons to purify your water as an aid to uplift your greatness. 
Top 3 reasons to drink more water 
Drinking more water improves your memory 
Staying hydrated with pure water keeps your working memory valid and useful according to a study by The University of East London. 
So, if you find you’re unable to locate your keys, remember why you walked into a room or what was on your shopping list, you might want to consider having a glass of water before you start thinking about what it was you were doing five minutes ago! 
2. Drinking more water improves children’s cognitive ability 
Being in a state of dehydration seriously impacts both adult and children’s cognitive ability. A study was able to demonstrate that fluid restriction resulted in impaired performance in children when performing short term memory tasks, tracking tasks and arithmetic efficiency. 
Ask your child if they’re filling up their water bottle up at school or if they’ve had a drink before they leave for school in the morning. It might help them from struggling through the day with the demands of their school day. 
3. Drinking more water improves your overall health
Drinking more water, especially water that has been purified, increases your overall health through: 
- Moving nutrients and oxygen to your cells is an important use of water in the body. It’s important for cells to take in nutrients so they can make energy, move muscles, sense touch and thrust you into a greater sense of comfort. 
- Pure water aids digestion by assisting to break down food so your body can absorb nutrients. 
- Good quality water prevents constipation as it softens stools making it easier to pass. 
- Clean water regulates your mood. When you’re dehydrated, it sends your dopamine and serotonin balance of course in your brain. These are the chemicals in your body that affect anxiety and depression. By remaining hydrated is one of the simplest ways to improve your mood and calm those jittery nerves. 
- Drinking water prevents fatigue because dehydration impacts the flow of oxygen to your brain and causes your heart to have to work much harder to pump oxygen to all your organs which impacts how alert you are. Find more energy by staying hydrated! 
- Drinking water flushes bacteria from your bladder. By maintaining frequent urination through drinking enough water, it reduces the amount of time bacteria in urine is expose to cells in the urinary tract, limited the risk of them hanging around and infecting those cells. 
- Drinking enough water also regulates your body temperature. Body water helps dissipate heat when the body gets too hot, water is lost through sweating. 
*Harvard Medical School, “How Much Water Should You Drink 
Top 5 benefits for purification of water 
So, we know we should be drinking more water. Now we need to consider the quality of the water we are drinking. If water is so important to us, then we need to ensure what we are flushing through our body is of the highest quality to keep us running like the impressive machine that we are. 
1. Soft, filtered water aids hydration. Having confidence in the water in your taps at home is a requisite. Impossible to buy daily filtered pure water in plastic bottles because of the damage to the environment through repeated use of single-use plastic – not to mention the cost! So, we need to ensure the water in our taps at home is pure, filtered and of supreme quality. 
2. Clean, filtered water aids digestion and allows waste to move through your body. Pumping harmful hormones or chlorine from tap water is not ideal for the purpose of a clean digestive system. 
3. If water flushes out toxins, which is essential for good health, then that water should hail from the highest rank. 
4. Better quality water supports the immune system. If our remarkable bodies need pure filtered water to maintain their incredible stature, then we need to champion incredible tap water to keep us magnificent. 
5. Removing dangerous contaminants from tap water is required, but maintaining the essential minerals such as zinc, magnesium, fluoride, and calcium is a bonus. Finding a water source that offers all the advantages should be top of our priority lists. 
Purification of water is the flag we’re flying to keep our bodies in tip top condition if we’re to drink as much as we’re supposed to. 
Let’s maintain our body’s water content, let’s make that water fit for the Queen and all from the comfort of our home. Who needs fancy training schedules and fad diets when all we need is to drink another glass of water! 
Pure Water People are fanatical about impeccable water quality. It’s impossible not to get excited about it when you talk to one of our team. If you want to feel energised, keep your memory as sharp as a three-year-old who has been promised a bedtime story and knows when you skip a page, then give us a call. Feeling fresh, having clear skin and being the best version of yourself is totally worth a conversation, who knows where it might lead.  
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