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What is Water Filtration? 

Water filtration is the process whereby undesirable chemicals, sediments and other contaminants are removed from water. This is usually done by scientifically-engineered filters that perform different roles to leave you with pure water that is safe to consume. 
There are a number of different types of water filtration systems from portable ones for people who need to filter water on the go to home water filtration systems. The following are some common types: 
portable water filters – small devices that are used to filter fresh water while out and about 
water filter jugs – these can be used around the home to filter tap water 
home water filtration systems – these provide whole house water filtration so that water is guaranteed pure 

How does water filtration work? 

The basic stages of water filtration are as follows: 
1. Water is drawn into a filter 
2. Water is pressed through the filter through suction, 
3. Filter traps any micro-organisms living in the water 
4. With contaminants captured in the filter, clean water progresses from the filter outlet 

Water Filtration Glossary 

Microns – the size of a filter’s openings is called a micron. One micron is one thousandth of a millimetre. These measurements are microscopic. 
Pore-size efficiency – The effectiveness of any water filter is determined by pore-size efficiency – microscopic measurementsof the sizes of the openings in the filter. 
Reverse Osmosis – A method of filtering water which removes unwanted ions and molecules by using a membrane that is designed to allow smaller molecules to pass through it. 

What is whole house water filtration? 

Whole house water filtration is when the water that enters your house instantly goes into a system that filters and purifies water for any taps/water outlets in the home. Other filtration systems only focus on one tap where as the whole house ensures that all your water is free from harmful chemicals. 

Why choose whole house water filtration? 

Whole house water filtration ensures that harmful contaminants are removed from any water you come in contact with as well as the water you drink. You shower, bath, and wash in water so our home water filtration system make sure this water no longer contains things that are bad for you like chlorine. When you bathe or shower, your pores open and harmful chemicals can enter your bloodstream – this is why it is beneficial to get a whole house water filter. We also ensure that your drinking water and the water you cook with in 98 – 99% pure. 
Many people only use water filter jugs for drinking and cooking water,missing out on the numerous benefits of purified water elsewhere in the home. Water jugs also present their own issues: 
Issues with water filter jugs: 
Replace cartridges regularly 
Bacteria grows in water filter jugs. Companies recommend keeping the water jug in the fridge to delay bacterial growth. This does not happen with a Pure Water People home water filtration systems. 
There are a number of benefits from using an Aquatec water filtration systems for your home. As well as offering great tasting and contaminant-free water, it also provide these benefits: 

Pure Water People – Water Purification and Filtration Company 

As a water filtration company, Pure Water People use several filtration units to achieve amazing results throughout your home. We are proud to offer whole house water filtration matched to your needs so that you and your family can benefit from pure water everyday. 
Our home water filtration systems provide water that is 98 – 99% pure to your kitchen taps and water that has been filtered to remove harmful contaminants throughout the rest of your home. We use several specialist filtration units in our 11 step purification process that removes harmful organic and inorganic compounds, industrial solvents as well as chlorines and chloramines.  
If you want to find out more about our home water filtration systems then call 0117 910 99 88 today or book a water test here
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