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Pure water can save you money on expensive household and personal care products. Here are four financial benefits of using pure water, allowing you to keep your money in your pocket! 


Hard water prevents detergents from producing suds used to form lather. As a result more detergent is needed for the products to lather work effectively. Soft water on the other hand requires less soap, saving you money. 


Hard water makes washing hair a difficult task. Soap is less effective in hard water as it reacts with the minerals and magnesium salts, causing the products to become less soluble. Washing hair in hard water also causes the scales on our scalp to raise which causes hair to become tangled and rough. Soft water removes calcium and magnesium ions, swapping them with sodium and potassium ions which is what contributes to the ‘silky’ feeling we get after washing our hair. You only need a tiny amount of shampoo when washing hair with soft water, saving you money. 

Household Appliances 

Limescale is none of the biggest nuisances caused by hard water. Overtime, limescale deposits build up in household appliances such as kettles, dishwashers and washing machines. Once a layer of limescale has formed, it can be a difficult task removing it and most importantly, it can be bad for your health. 
Appliances which use soft water will have a far better life expectancy than those which run on hard water. Soft water is a great preventative, eliminating the chance of further limescale deposits to form. 
Appliances which are limescale free use less energy, because the appliances do not need to heat the limescale before heating the water. This can save you a significant amount of money on heating bills and also prevent you from buying new appliances because they have been ruined by limescale. 


Hard water leaves residues on bathroom fixtures, sinks, kitchen worktops and other surfaces which need frequent cleaning. As soft water leaves fewer residues, you can use less of your cleaning product to achieve a sparkling clean finish. By using half of the amount of cleaning product you would normally use, scum, film and limescale deposits will be easier to clean, saving you time, effort and money. Soft water will leave surfaces, crockery and appliances spot and stain free. 

Save Money with the Pure Water People! 

To find out more about how you can save money in your home, book a free water test today. We'll show you what your water at home is costing you and we'll give you genuine advice on how to reduce these costs.  
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