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It’s no secret that we are passionate about water. We’re always looking to communicate and inspire the kind of enthusiasm we feel towards water, so we were delighted to discover the new Netflix docuseries “Down to Earth with Zac Efron”. This is a series in which actor Zac Efron and his friend Darin Olien, a superfoods and wellness expert, travel the world to search “...for healthy, sustainable living solutions for the planet and all who live on it." It’s a great series and well worth a watch, but we were especially intrigued by episode 2, “France”. 
The reason? 
This episode is all about water. 

The Sommelier 

The best thing about this episode is that it gives a great deal of perspective to the subject of water. We are always putting forward the idea that it’s important to see your water in a different light (which is why we invest as much time as we do in providing people with individual water testing in the home), so it was so exciting to see an episode of a Netflix show where they aim to do the same thing. Hearing a health expert explain that the first thing to do when improving and changing your health is to drink good quality water, is music to our ears. 
The first major surprise comes not in France, but in L.A. They visit a restaurant which employs the services of a water sommelier. You’re probably thinking exactly what we did when we saw it...”I didn’t even know that was a thing!” 
With the same passion and expertise of a wine sommelier, water sommelier Martin Reise shares his philosophy about the benefits of drinking different types of water while providing a water tasting. “We drink it on a daily basis, but nobody talks about it” he says.  
Mr Reise, we couldn’t agree more. 
The focus of the water tasting is all about mineral content. He provides samples of waters, each with a different TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) count. 
He explains how water needs minerals and how “water will look for minerals” - here he is explaining the dangers of drinking 100% pure water. 
Water with no mineral content whatsoever will leech minerals from the body, which is why mineral content is especially important to good quality waters.  
This is exactly why our water systems purify and then remineralise the water with calcium and magnesium electrolytes. This is why we boast about a purity of 98-99% - the bad stuff is all taken out and the good stuff is put in. 

Eau du Paris 

The next stop in Zac Efron and Darin Olien’s adventure is Paris. Paris has a fantastic attitude towards water and water treatment. Since 2010, water treatment has been taken away from the private sector and given to Eau Du Paris, a public operator. 
It is here that they visit the Paris Water Treatment Plant, where they use a unique process to treat 300,000 cubic metres of water on a daily basis. This is especially intriguing as it shows the multiple stages involved in water treatment in Paris. This includes a “screening” process, where large objects from the river are kept out of the water, as well as filtration process and a “polishing” process 
We especially enjoyed this part – seeing a water treatment plant taking river water and, after having filtered it, using ozone, UV light and carbon to kill pollutants (pesticides, pharmaceuticals and bacteria being prime examples) is a fantastic thing. Instead of using chlorine, they use an oxygen rich atmosphere to kill any microbiological organisms and UV light to kill bugs. It’s water treatment without the need to add chemicals. Imagine that. 
The first thing that has to be given attention is this: in Paris, they have made a commitment to providing this water for everyone, all year round. There are over 1,000 water fountains situated around the city (including some that provide carbonated water!). This is a wonderful thing, as it means that the homeless are also provided with Paris’ excellent quality of drinking water.  
The process by which they treat the water is all about removing the things you don’t want, such as drugs, bacteria and pesticides etc., without adding unwanted chemicals such as chlorine. 

Give it a watch! 

Have a look at the trailer for the series. 
It’s a series that tackles a lot of issues that are especially important at the moment. We loved epsiode 2, “France”. It’s so good to see a Netflix docuseries which shares our principals about water and it’s an exciting time for us when somebody well known and well liked like Zac Efron takes and interest in and spreads a message about these things. 

Feeling inspired? 

If watching this episode inspires you to do something about your water, remember to go to a company (like us) that not only takes the bad stuff out of your water, but puts the good stuff back in. 
Water is vital to health and well-being, so if you’re looking to improve your water at home, make sure it’s the right kind of water. 
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