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Spring is upon us and as we're all looking forward to warmer weather, it's important to rememember to stay hydrated! So we've put together a list of 5 good reasons to keep up with your water intake with pure water! 

1. Staying Hydrated! 

It’s important to drink enough water. We’ve all been there – you haven’t drank enough water throughout the day and now your mouth feels dry, you have a headache and you’re low on energy. Dehydration can even disrupt your sleeping pattern! 
Headaches, dry mouth, muscle cramps...while these symptoms do certainly like to throw a spanner in the works of our sleep patterns, it all goes a bit deeper than this. Dehydration can also affect hormones that are important to getting a good night’s rest
It’s all about melatonin, a hormone that helps regulate sleep. It is thought that this is because of how, over time, dehydration can affect the amount of amino acids in your body (water is crucial to the structure of proteins) - and amino acids help produce melatonin! Drinking enough water is key to good health and to how well we function in this fast paced world that we live in! And there’s no better way to stay hydrated than with our beautifully pure water. 

2. Chemicals in the Drinking Water 

Think about this: tap water doesn’t come with a list of ingredients. Anything else we consume does and it’s not just food and drink – even the clothes we buy are clearly labelled with what’s in them! 
When you pour a glass of water straight from the tap, you could never say exactly what’s in it. There’s so much more to it than limescale and chlorine – everything from pharmaceuticals to various forever chemicals (such as PFAS) can potentially find their way into the water. As it’s reused and recycled (there is no ‘new’ water), these things are capable of making it all the way through to the tap. With us treating your drinking water at home, we’ll stop all of the chemicals and nasties from reaching that glass...we even remineralise the water so it is as healthy as possible! 

3. Bottled water is bad for the environment 

A lot of people drink bottled water – we all know it’s far from ideal, but a lot of people still do it...and we understand why. We may not like bottled water here at the PWP, but we can empathise with anyone who wants to stay hydrated without having to drink from the tap! But it doesn’t have to be a choice between normal tap water and bottled water! 
It’s no secret that single-use plastics are bad for the environment and bottled water contributes a lot to this pollution. Hundreds of millions of tonnes of plastic waste is produced each year, which is a concern both for the health of us and our environment (read our blog “Understanding Microplastics” for more information and links!). BUT, purifying your water at home will not only give you constant access to the highest quality of drinking water, it will also mean that you can ditch those plastic bottles for good! 

4. Peace of mind 

It’s something that shouldn’t be overlooked; peace of mind is an invaluable thing in these often uncertain times! 
By wrapping a ring of protection around your home and family with our one of our systems, you are not only avoiding all of the known chemicals and pollutants that can find their way into the water now, but from any potential future changes in the make-up of your tap water. 

5. It Tastes Better! 

And finally...it tastes better! Whether you’re drinking it straight from the tap, making a cuppa or putting it through your coffee machine, the difference is there to be seen and, in this case, tasted! There’s no such thing as ‘just water’ when it’s been purified, polished and remineralised; you don’t have to take our word for it either, if you want to see what our customers think, have a look at our Which? Trusted Traders page (we have well over 1,000 reviews and counting). 
If you want to find out more, please do get in touch with us - even if you just want more information and advice, we loved to chat about water! 
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