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The RainSoft EC4 water conditioning system brings beautifully treated water to your home. Once you have experienced water that is clarified, polished and soft as it can possibly be, there really is no going back. 
Everything about the EC4 says ‘luxury’. With an interface that provides ease of use, features that keep you up to date with everything about your new system and a fantastic 10 year warranty, you have the peace of mind that all of your water needs will be taken care of for now and for the future. 
EC4 Features 
Immediate Condition Response - Push any button and the EC4 wakes up to display the system status with any applicable instructions or messages. 
Power Outage Recovery - If power is lost through the regeneration process, the EC4 will automatically recover and complete the process once power is restored. This feature ensures that all scheduled regeneration cycles are never missed, and that soft water is always available. 
Distinctive Alarm Tones - The EC4 supports three different alarms – low salt, no salt, and when service is required. 
Large Interactive Display - The EC4 provides easy-to-read and understandable system information via a two-line LCD display. Messages scroll across the display, identifying the menu being accessed. 
Information Centre - Simple access to the EC4’s Information Centre menu provides the customer with information about their system, water quality, usage profile and general support data. Aids both the customer and the dealer when troubleshooting the unit. 
Proportional Brine and Rinse - Overall system efficiency is achieved with RainSoft’s proportional brining feature. Saves on overall salt and water consumption with shorter regeneration cycles based upon specific household water usage. 
Other Benefits 
All plastic enclosures fit tightly to protect control components from outside elements. 
Brine tank is equipped with overflow protection to protect against overflow due to power outages during regeneration. 

So, how does it work? 

Step 1: Water enters RainSoft’s exclusive rugged control valve and flows down through the EC4 resin tank. 
Step 2: The water is filtered and treated as it passes through the special “ion exchange” resin. Hardness ions are ionically retained in and on the resin. The optional carbon bed further polishes and clarifies the water. 
Step 3: Once completely conditioned, the water exits the resin tank through the riser pipe and out the control valve. 
Step 4: At metered intervals, the unit begins a regeneration process. Using salt as a regenerant, the retained hardness ions are flushed out of the system and down the drain. The unit then prepares itself for the next conditioning cycle.* 
*Outdoor model only 

Chemical Removal Vessel (CRV) 

Ion-Exchange Process 


CRV VESSEL Chemical removal 

Whole-House Carbon Filtration is Perfect for Homes with Municipally Treated Water. 
RainSoft Whole-House Carbon Filtration Systems are designed to help solve special water treatment problems and are built for long life and trouble-free operation. It’s time to get rid of those unappealing chlorine tastes and odours and to bring you the quality of water that you deserve! 
Filtration System Features 
Tank-Within-A-Tank Construction 
Rugged tank is wound with miles of glass filament for extraordinary strength. Inside there’s another tank of sanitary plastic so your drinking water will never touch the interior fibreglass surface. 
Downflow Model 
Filters out sediment as well as removing unwanted tastes and odours. 
Choice of Filter Media 
HYSULEXtm Is a highly activated carbon with acres and acres of surface area to adsorb bas tastes and odours in your water. A more porous material than regular carbon, with a highly developed internal surface area, it provides a greater capacity for adsorption. Manufactured to be cleaner, stronger and harder than the industry standard. 
SUPER HYSULEXtm Utilises silver impregnated carbon, a more porous material than regular carbon; these carbons have highly developed internal surface areas, providing greater capacity for adsorption. Manufactured to be cleaner, stronger and harder than industry standard carbons. 
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