You already understand that limescale affects your home and appliances. In looking for a solution to this, it is important to realise that softening is just one stage of purification. The benefits of purifying, rather than merely softening, are numerous. When you purify rather than soften your water, you are: 
Removing unwanted chemicals (e.g. chlorine, fluorine compounds, trihalomethanes), which have adverse effects on the resins used in water softeners. In removing these, we provide systems with much longer lifespans than a standard water softener. 
Completely eliminating limescale from around the home – water softeners will prevent further scale build up, but our purifying systems completely remove existing limescale from all around the home, as well as preventing future build up. 
Reversing the ageing process of pre-existing appliances, such as your central heating boiler. (when using untreated water, in its first year your boiler can lose up to 80% efficiency, as well as having a lifespan of only 5-7 years). 
Protecting your skin from potential irritants. Not only is pure water as soft as water can be, it removes any chemicals that can irritate skin and aggravate conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. 
Improving your drinking water; drinking softened water may quench your thirst, but the beneficial mineral content has been removed. Purifying your water rebalances the natural electrolytes that are essential to your health and vitality. 
Salt softeners use a lot of salt, while purification, due to being much more sophisticated, involves only a negligible amount of salt finding its way into the water. 
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