Taking the bad stuff out and putting the good stuff in 

A typical Pure Water People Purification and Filtration system provides you with luxuriously treated water around the home and 
98-99% pure water at the kitchen sink for all your drinking and cooking needs. Here we provide a brief description of the individual stages of this process. 
Read on to find out more - if you have any further questions, we always have someone from our 
technical department on hand to help you out, so don't hesitate to get in touch!  

The water used around the home is typically filtered using a multi-media process incorporating 1 – 3 Stages as follows: 

Highly efficient Pre-Filtration Unit that removes all of the larger particles of sediment, dirt and heavy metals. 
Dedicated ‘C/C’ Unit that removes most of the harmful organic and inorganic compounds that make up most pesticides. Industrial solvents (halogenated hydrocarbons), polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) are also totally removed or made harmless.  
Chlorine and chloramines are removed together with the Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) e.g. benzene, trichloroethylene, trihalomethanes (THMs) and methyl tertiary-butyl ether etc. 
Computerised demand-initiated Ion-Exchange Unit – This unit removes all of the calcium and magnesium hardness-causing cation particles in your water supply, as well as a host of other problematical cations that may be present in certain water supplies, utilising the finest cation-exchange resin on the market today. 
The conditioned water from these three Stages goes to your bath, shower, household taps, washing machine and dishwasher for general everyday use. The water from Stage 3 now continues on its purification cycle to Stages 4 to 8 to produce probably the purest Drinking & Cooking water on the market today. 
Dedicated ‘C/C’ Filter removes any remaining low-level Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s). 
Ultra-Fine Membrane removes or significantly reduces pathogenic bacteria and parasites plus most of the following compounds:- aluminium, arsenic, barium, cadmium, chloride, copper, fluoride, manganese, selenium, silver, sodium, sulphate, zinc, nitrate, soluble particulates, dissolved solids and radium. 
Drinking Water Post-filtration Unit that removes any remaining tastes and odours. 
Dual Media Filter, comprising calcium and magnesium compounds, which puts back into your Drinking & Cooking Water, the naturally-occurring electrolytes essential to health and wellbeing. Get a free water test today... 
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