Gold Series - Water Conditioning Performance That's Designed to Last a Lifetime

The Gold Series water purification system includes the following stages of treatment:

  1. Highly efficient Pre-Filtration Unit that removes all of the larger particles of sediment and heavy metals.
  2. Dedicated ‘Chemical Removal Vessel’ that removes most of the harmful organic and inorganic compounds that ‘make up’ most pesticides.  Industrial solvents (halogenated hydrocarbons), polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) are also totally removed or made harmless.  Chlorines and chloramines are also removed together with the Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) e.g. benezene, trichloroethylene (THM’s), methyl tertiary – butyl and ether etc.

A Computerised Demand Initiated Ion-Exchange Unit – This unit removes all of the calcium and magnesium hardness-causing cation particles in your water supply, as well as a host of other problematical cations that may be present in certain water supplies, utilising the finest cation exchange resins available on the market today.



Stage 2 – Chemical Removal Vessel (CRV/QRS)



Stage 3 – The TC-M water conditioning system softens, filters, reduces ferrous iron, clarifies and polishes your water to give you an abundant supply of luxuriously conditioned water throughout your home.

Simple to use, meter-driven control regenerates based on water consumption – not time – to reduce salt consumption.

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TC-M Features

Exclusive Composite Valve Uses advanced NORYL composite material to enhance strength and protect the valve from expansion or shrinkage due to pressure and temperature demands.

Electronic Demand Initiated Regeneration Simple-to-use meter-driven control regenerates based on water consumption and not time.  This can greatly reduce salt consumption.

Power Outage Recover If power is lost, the TC-M Series will automatically recover and complete the process once power is restored.  This feature ensures that all scheduled regeneration cycles are never missed, and that soft water is always available.

Powerful High Torque Motor Self-lubricating and with power to spare, for maintenance-free, long life operation.

Large Porting & Internal Piping The TC-M conditioner provides generous water flow rates.  (Tank size and local water pressure will affect the unit’s operating flow rate.)

Proportional Rinsing Every TC-M Series control automatically calculates the exact amount of water required for rinsing.  This “Green” feature ensures that the system uses the least amount of water needed for regeneration.

Automatic Bypass During Regeneration There is no chance of being without water, during regeneration process.

Conditioning Resin The resin processes an unusually high conditioning capacity and resistance to bead breakage, especially important in chlorinated water supplies.  Filters and reduces ferrous iron.  (Does not remove ferric colloidal or bacterial iron).

Activated Carbon Specially graded and treated activated carbon clarifies and polishes your water.

Large Salt Refill Opening Quick.  Easy.  And no spills.

Tank-Within-A-Tank Construction Rugged tank is wound with miles of glass filament for extraordinary strength.  Inside, there’s another tank of sanitary plastic so your drinking water will never touch the interior fiberglass surface.

Internal Program Backup The system incorporates a super-capacitor that retains program memory.  No need to reset the system in case of power outages.

Other Benefits

  • All high-strength ABS enclosures fit tightly to protect control components from outside elements.
  • Ultraviolet inhibitor prevents degradation of materials by sunlight in outside installations.
  • Brine tank is equipped with overflow protection to protect against overflow due to power outages during regeneration.

  • “Within 24 hours we noticed the “flaking off” of calcium scale deposits from our kettle and teas maid. After seven days we became aware of the softness of our skin when washing and bathing, and we were pleasantly surprised at the huge amount of heat given off by our radiators since flushing out our water system. I am very confident our fuel bills will become progressively lower – thanks for making me your non-sceptical customer!”

    The Winn Family, Bracknell

  • "My private water supply was heavily contaminated with iron – so contaminated in fact, that my family just couldn’t take a bath, let alone drink the filthy muck! It was so red-orange that it stained my bath, toilet and sinks horribly – and when it came to washing clothes – well that was just a joke! I gave Aquatec a call and they designed and built a specialised water purification and filtration system that now gives me sparkling clear water that actually does what they say it does! Their drinking water system is phenomenal too – my family now drinks gin-clear water that tastes so good – I actually bottle it for my neighbours."

    Mrs. Goodson, Mayfield

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