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As a progressive leader in the water treatment industry, we at PWP are serious in our commitment to the environment. 

We promote the use of any sustainable process in the manufacture and installation of our equipment. 
We consider this environmental stewardship as an essential investment in our customers, staff and the greater community. 
Our scientifically advanced range of Water Purification systems are specifically designed to provide you with pure, safe water and this is beneficial to the environment as well as you. When you purchase one of our systems, your appliances will be more energy efficient, reducing your carbon footprint alongside your energy bills. 
Our commitment to our planet 
To reduce the environmental impact of our manufacturing and installation process 
Cut the amount of plastic waste – before and after manufacture and installation and in the home 
We carefully plan all the journeys that we make to reduce your carbon footprint and ours. 



As a company we recognise our role in protecting the environment. We also pride ourselves in our practices and how we apply them to our day-to-day operations; through limiting our carbon footprint, and endeavouring to use sustainable resources, we are very much on the frontline in the transition to a low-carbon world, essential to achieving net zero carbon emissions. Not only do our water systems enable our customers to be more environmentally friendly at home, but the way we conduct our business, from top to bottom, is always carried out with the environment in mind. 
Responsible supply chain management is a significant aspect of this. We apply a stringent vetting process when it comes to selecting the manufacturers we work with, and the processes used to develop our systems. 
We do not believe in varying, on-the-spot purchasing based on the best price – we are loyal to our suppliers as we have chosen them for a reason and this approach enables us to work in partnership to develop longer-term benefits for our customers, helping us to create systems that are more efficient, longer lasting, serviceable, and better for the environment. 
We are also, unsurprisingly, very passionate about water and its significance to the environment. Only a small amount of the water on our planet is in fresh liquid form, suitable for human usage, much more is currently frozen in glaciers and forming the icecaps of the poles. Therefore, it is vital that we manage the water available to us and maintain its purity, there is no new water if we contaminate it to the point where it is no longer usable. 
We all have a responsibility to look after our fresh water, avoid overusing chemicals that can become contaminants and clean up any existing contamination. Our approach to water treatment enables you to play your part in protecting our water supply. 
Our products generate far less water waste than any of our competitors and we are constantly developing the technologies we use to further reduce waste. Many of our components are reusable, have a very long lifespan and are manufactured from recyclable materials. 
And it is not just water waste that we take seriously, as we are able to have a big impact on energy usage as well. Due to our systems’ ability to make homes more energy efficient, we can lower our customers’ carbon footprints. We also employ practices in our day-to-day business, from our offices to our engineers and technicians on the road, to promote energy efficiency. 
It is really all about the big picture and we look to the Paris Climate Agreement (PCA) as a driving force in inspiring us to be a greener company. Any business, in this day and age, needs to understand that it has a role in helping achieve the goals set by the PCA. 
The importance of biodiversity, habitat loss and the role they play in the environment is also something that must not be overlooked. Through our products, we discourage the use of single use plastics (single use plastic water bottles are a good example of this). Plastic pollution has a large impact on habitats, all the way from macroplastic to nanoplastic pollution. The balance and biodiversity found in various ecosystems is essential to the health of the environment and the world we live in. For this reason, we believe that single use plastics should not have any place in today’s world and our efforts to discourage their use and eliminate people’s perceived need for them is an ongoing aspect of what we do at The Pure Water People. 
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