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“In my opinion the Pure Water People system is the best available on the market. I have been a kitchen designer for over 29 years and only recommend complete purification to my customers. We really do appreciate the system every day – no lime scale, no bottled water, no more chemicals when drinking and bathing – the benefits are huge. The environmental message has also been a benefit- we were very aware of our own carbon footprint and our system helps in supporting this.” 
Mr & Mrs DuCasse 
"For people that have skin conditions this product is an absolute must!!! My psoriasis was really bad and it improved quite dramatically within a couple of months. My wife loves the drinking water and enjoys cooking with it too. An added bonus is that my dog wouldn’t drink the tap water, and she is converted now too. The installation was A1, clean and tidy from start to finish, we absolutely would recommend the system to everyone. Thank you to all of the team!" 
Mr. & Mrs. Farley, Bath 
"The whole process was as promised, all of the staff were professional and friendly. The installation went to plan, and the Engineer was really very good. 
We love our pure drinking water and were so happy to no longer buy bottled water from an environmental perspective. 
The reduction in limescale has been amazing - our water was so hard, we have a new boiler and we are confident that it will last now we have treated water running through it's arteries. 
we are so glad we took the plunge - and have recommended to friends." 
Mr Collins - Gloucestershire 
"It is 11 years now since our Pure Water People water system was installed and our washing machine is as good as new. Our central heating runs effectively and we have noticed stabilised energy costs since having the system fitted." 
we were naturally skeptical with the promises made but Pure water has delivered! we are very happy!" 
Mr & Mrs Wilmhurst, Bristol 
"Our kettle de-scaled within weeks, we were impressed from start to finish, both with the presentation and our installation. It has quite literally achieved everything that was promised to us and exceeded our expectations. Fabulous bathing, cleaner home, great tasting water, improved skin conditions, savings on our bills - the lot. I only wish that we had done this sooner!" 
Mr Pickering, Swindon 
The Pure Water People system has helped in so many ways. My Granddaughter was born with ‘Blue Baby syndrome’ and my firm belief was that the nitrates in our tap water were not helping her condition. Within a couple of weeks of drinking and bathing in purified water she improved dramatically and I do feel that your system played a major part in this! It’s fantastic around the home, I never clean my shower screen, I haven’t replaced my kettle in 5 years and my central heating warms up so quickly now. We have recommended The Pure Water People to many others and will continue to do so!” 
Mrs Coggins, Wiltshire 
Quality never let's you down, we have had a whole house system fitted for over 7 years and we have never looked back. We realised that this was a long term investment and it is the best thing that we have ever done, installation impeccable, Engineers fantastic - highly skilled, and the long term result has been really outstanding. 
We've never replaced our kettle, our showerheads, our iron, we have'nt had our central heating system flushed in 7 years, we have bubbly baths and clean shower screens and it's just brilliant! We must mention the drinking water, we drink lot's of it now and we do feel better for it. 
We have and will recommend The pure water people - quality never let's you down! " 
Mr P - Buckinghamshire. 

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