Passionate about purity

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Put Your Water to the Test

Put Your Water to the Test

Put Your Water to the Test

Passionate about purity

Here at the Pure Water People we believe everyone should enjoy the health and well-being benefits of water as pure as nature intended and pride ourselves on bringing you the purest water possible straight to your tap.

With over twenty years’ experience, we are the U.K. market leader in Complete Water Purification & Filtration Systems so, when you choose a Pure Water People system, you can be confident in the knowledge that you have chosen the highest specification product and will receive the purest water possible around your home.

We will provide you with an advanced purification & filtration process – unique to the Pure Water People brand – with the technically engineered ability to purify and filter your drinking, cooking and household water to degrees only dreamt of by our industry competitors.

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Your health

Water is vital to every cell and organ in the human body, keeping us hydrated, healthy and fit.

A Pure Water People Complete Water Purification & Filtration System gives you clean fresh water as close to pure as nature always intended it to be – water so pure and clean that a new born baby can drink it straight from the tap without any boiling!

The Pure Water People Complete Water Purification & Filtration System delivers drinking water purity of 98% to 99% as standard, and we also give you a unique final process that puts “the good stuff” back into your water. The naturally occurring electrolytes of calcium and magnesium are added at the final stage to promote good health and vitality.

The use of purified water in the home is medically acknowledged to be kinder to your skin. Our unique process removes all of the chlorines, chloramines, heavy metals and impurities that are known to aggravate problem skin. Many of our customers have noticed dramatic improvements with skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and dry skin when showering and bathing in our purified water.

The Pure Water People advanced purification process

A typical Pure Water People Complete Water Purification & Filtration System is a unique series of multi – media purification & filtration processes, providing luxuriously treated water around the home and 98% to 99% pure water at the kitchen sink for all of your drinking and cooking needs.

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  • “It is such a pleasure to have pure water in my home. It has made a difference that I can see, feel and taste. Everything yes, I mean everything, changes with the use of pure water. It is a pleasure to take a shower and to drink my 8 daily glasses of water a day. I could go on and on. I have been looking for a way to help my autistic daughter to off load her toxic load and pure water goes a long way towards relieving her. I recommend pure water for everyone and especially those with health issues. Thank you so much for pure water.”

    Mrs Chamboko, Wrexham

  • “The Aquatec system has helped in so many ways. My Granddaughter was born with ‘Blue Baby syndrome’ and my firm belief was that the nitrates in our tap water were not helping her condition. Within a couple of weeks of drinking and bathing in purified water she improved dramatically and I do feel that your system played a major part in this! It’s fantastic around the home, I never clean my shower screen, I haven’t replaced my kettle in 5 years and my central heating warms up so quickly now. We have recommended Aquatec to many others and will continue to do so!”

    Mrs Coggins, Wiltshire

  • “Within 24 hours we noticed the “flaking off” of calcium scale deposits from our kettle and teas maid. After seven days we became aware of the softness of our skin when washing and bathing, and we were pleasantly surprised at the huge amount of heat given off by our radiators since flushing out our water system. I am very confident our fuel bills will become progressively lower – thanks for making me your non-sceptical customer!”

    The Winn Family, Bracknell

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With over 18 years experience in the water purification and testing industry, a vast majority of our customers have arranged for one of our water consultants to visit their home to complete a quality evaluation.

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