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Our GOLD package represents premium water treatment. With a uniquely compact footprint combined with state-of-the-art design and Wi-Fi Technology, our GOLD package water softener and whole house filters are a true revolution in the water treatment industry; no other water treatment range offers the same high-end specifications. 
IQ Soft 
Our GOLD package is built around the Pentair IQ Soft 9L water softener - the most advanced solution for tackling hard water. Its compact footprint and state-of-the-art design makes IQsoft a major breakthrough in the water treatment industry. No other softener comes close to matching its high-end specification or soft water benefits. 
Monitor your water usage via your smartphone 
While our IQsoft softener is giving you perfectly softened water, its Wi-Fi technology can provide peace of mind by monitoring your water usage and managing your softener via smartphone or tablet. If you are planning a holiday, the ConnectMySoftener App features a 'holiday mode' to avoid unnecessary consumption of water while you are away. 
Also included in the GOLD package is: 
Chemical Removal Vessel (CRV) 
Kinetico K5 Pure+ Drinking Water System 
One of our expert technicians will visit your home first to carry out a brief survey and explain the benefits of our systems and packages. We include full installation using an outside box, to avoid taking up cupboard space in your home. 


Multi-lingual, two-line display 
User-friendly with the optimal readability of settings and statistics 
Easy programming, with all settings (except hardness and time) factory-set 
Plug and play - pre-set to perform at its best 
Integrated handles make for simple and easy installation 
Ergonomic and suitable for installation even the smallest of spaces 
LED illumination of brine tank 
Simplified salt load operation even in low ambient light 
High-efficiency upflow regeneration with proportional brining 
Exceptionally low-rinse water usage per regeneration leads to minimal salt consumption, with up to 40% salt-saving compared to standard softeners 
Holiday mode 
Holiday mode avoids unnecessary regeneration, resulting in reduced water and salt consumption during periods of absence, while maintaining the resin bed in optimal condition for service 
Resin ageing correction 
Unique technology measures the ageing process of the resin to always obtain the most accurate capacity 
Salt alarm 
The Pure Water People can remotely monitor the softener from our web portal 
Wi-Fi connectivity 
Wi-Fi softener connectivity via smartphone app with notifications and alerts on water and salt consumption 
Your home hates hard water! Dishwashers, washing machines, showers, boilers and heating all take a hit. Calcium deposits can build up reducing the flow in the pipes causing low water pressure, slow drainage and potentially a total block. Household appliances, especially those with heating elements, become noisy, inefficient and costly to run. Even worse, the deposits left by hard water can ultimately mean an expensive replacement. Softened water can save you these long-term costs without breaking the bank. Installing a water softener will preserve the life-span of your water-appliances, paying you back for years to come. 

Chemical Removal Vessel (CRV) 

Protecting your home, your family and your water softener from the harmful effects of chemicals in your water. 

Kinetico K5 Pure+ Drinking System 

Perfectly pure water but with all the good minerals added back in. The K5 Pure+ drinking water system will remove all the impurities from your tap water. It also comes with a dedicated mineral plus filter, ensuring all the good minerals are put back in. 


ConnectMySoftener: manage salt and water consumption of your water softener 
Our app offers the ability to easily connect and remotely control and monitor your smart water softener. The ConnectMySoftener app makes it possible to monitor and manage your water softener and water usage via smartphone or tablet wherever you are. 
Check the remaining regenerating salt level and the autonomy of your softener. 
Receive an alert when your salt needs refilling. 
Follow the softened water consumption of your home. 
Spot peaks in water consumption. 
Consult your current water flow. 
Find the history of water consumption per day, per week and per month. 
Avoid unnecessary water consumption during your holidays by switching on the Holiday Mode. 
Download for free on Google Play Store and App Store 


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