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Useful Information Booklet About Your Water Purification System 

Your Water Purification System provides you with so many benefits, it's important to keep your system in efficient working order to keep you and your household benefitting. 
As a reminder of anything you need to do to keep your system in tip-tip condition and working exactly as intended we have put together this simple booklet. 

Understanding Your Chemical Removal Vessel (CRV) 

Why your bacteriostatic chemcial removal vessel is such an important component of your water purification system. 
Flow Rates 
It you're technically minded you may be wondering what the 'flow rates' of our systems are. Often you will see this figure quoted on the specification of a basic softener, however we want to be totally clear and transparent with our customers and this is not neccessarily an accurate figure. There are many factors that affect this, for example a softening unit may have a specified flow rate, but is then connected using a flexible hose with a lower capacity, so you can see on its own a flow rate figure for one component does not give you a clear picture. 
It is most likely that any system quoting a flow rate will be showing a figure below that of your incoming water supply, otherwise why quote it? 
We don't show flow rates, because quite simply our systems do not reduce the flow of water into your home, which makes our systems perfect for homes with multiple bathrooms. 
Over time, our systems actually improve your flow rate where you may have had limescale built up inside your plumbing, as eliminating this increases the aperture size of the pipe allowing more water to flow through. 
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