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So, they’re lifting the Covid restrictions again. Masks, vaccine passports, WFH - these things will no longer be mandatory. 
For a lot of people this will be welcome news – returning (again) to something approaching normality is an exciting prospect for many. However, not everyone will be willingly abandoning masks and social distancing and this is something we both understand and respect. 

Everyone is different 

Throughout this pandemic and its various stages, through different lockdowns and tier systems, we have seen a lot of new and existing customers. It goes without saying that everyone is an individual and this was, without a doubt, reflected in their feelings about the pandemic. 
We always made sure to keep things Covid-safe with every visit a sales rep or engineer made, which we managed with complete success, but it wasn’t hard to tell when some people were worried about the overall situation with the pandemic, and when some were less concerned or felt more confident about it. It was the little things – our engineers having to decline offers of cups of tea or sales reps having to do that elbow thing (remember that?) instead of a handshake – that gave a glimpse into the mindset of whomever we were seeing. 
Simply put, some people will definitely still be using masks and everything like that, whereas some won’t now that they don’t have to – BUT, whatever the case, it's up to company’s like us to respect people’s safety as well as their individuality! 

Health is more important than ever 

Health has always been the most important thing to us, and we will still be looking out for you and keeping you safe. So, if you are a customer of ours, or are looking to get some advice about improving your water with us, don’t be shy to ask us to wear a mask or keep our distance, and everything in between – we'll always be more than happy to cater to your needs. 
As always, stay safe out there and look after yourselves! 
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