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Limescale is more than just an inconvenience. Nobody likes having to descale their kettles and taps (not to mention that we tend to enjoy a good cup of tea here in the UK!), but these things are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the cost of hard water. 
If you live in a hard area, everything your water touches is costing you money. Just a few examples include: 
Shortening the lifespan of your appliances, small and large. 
Inhibiting heat-flow, lowering the efficiency of appliances and making them work much harder. 
Making you use much more of your cleaning products than you should have to (which really adds up). 
This is an established fact, and as the costs of energy and living are up...it's now more important than ever! 

Turbulent times 

The turbulent times we are living in have had an effect on everything, and the cost of energy is no small example of this. The energy crisis has been an ongoing concern for well over a year, with the horrifying geopolitical factors of 2022 having a huge impact, worsening the situation by a huge factor in a very short space of time. 
Even with government support to UK consumers (capping bills at around £2,500 per year, whereas the estimated cost was to be as high as £6,500), the increase is still staggering. In 2020, the average household energy bill in the UK was £1,287, so it goes to show how dramatic the change has been in 2022. 

Hard water is expensive! 

Even before all of this, your hard water at home has been costing you A LOT of money. If you aren’t doing anything to combat limescale build up, it is costing you up to 40% more to heat your water at home. 
This is why we, at The PWP, have committed to superlative quality and efficiency in our domestic water treatment systems – we believe in saving you money and providing you with peace of mind in the long term. When you treat your water with us, you won’t look back – and you don’t just have to take our word for it, have a look at our Which? Trusted Traders page and you’ll see how happy our customers are! 

Modern equipment for modern times 

We can do anything and everything when it comes to water treatment, including softening, treating drinking water, providing sophisticated drinking water taps and even cutting edge solutions for laundry (yes, we’ve brought the Cleanstart laundry system to the UK – read last month’s blog for more information!). 
So don’t hesitate! To take the first step towards having beautifully softened and treated water in your home: 
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