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The next challenge that we are face is trying to get back to normal - or as close to normal as we can. 
We, at the Pure Water People, are as commited as ever to bringing superior quality, purified water to your home. As we do this, we are taking every measure and every precaution to maintain a safe environment for our customers and our staff.  

What do these safety measures involve? 

When visiting a customer, whether they are having us around to demonstrate out products or for a servicing visit, we are doing everything necessary to ensure a safe space for you and our staff. 
These precautions involve the following: 
Our reps and engineers wear facemasks and gloves throughout every home visit. 
- Eliminating the potential spread of Covid-19 is something we can all acheive by taking preventative measures such as this. 
- You will be able to enjoy the full benefit of our services and demonstrations in a safe environment. 
Distancing! We maintain appropriate distance during visits. Your rep or engineer will also phone ahead before their visit, to find out if there is an alternate entrance you would prefer them to use, to minimise contact with your home. 
- Even if you're feeling especially hospitable, they won't be accepting any food or drinks offered during their visit (cups of tea, etc.) They aren't being churlish, this is to further promote safety in your home! 
Our reps and engineers also bring both antibacterial hand gel and wipes. 
- they will apply hand gel before and after every visit. 
- antibacterial wipes are used on relevant surfaces before and after every visit, promoting a hygenic and safe environment for you and your rep/engineer. 

Read our Covid-19 policy! 

For further information, consult our "COVID-19 Message" page for more information about our COVID-19 policy. 
We hope to see you soon! 
Stay safe. 
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