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It's a fact; hard water is expensive to live with. 
Everything it touches costs money at home, from the wear and tear on appliances, to the overall energy costs and, of course, the laundry! 

Washing clothes isn’t cheap! 

Washing our clothes is an essential job - but it’s not cheap. 
There are a few different costs to consider here, such as: 
The energy costs that come with running a washing machine 
The cost of the water usage involved with washing clothes and other laudry. 
The cost of detergent and fabric softeners. 
And even the wear-and-tear on your clothes as they are exposed to laundry chemicals over time! 
According to an article by Metro, depending on the energy efficiency of the washing machine, it could be costing an average of around £136 every year to wash our clothes! When the cost of detergent is also taken into consideration (an average of around £78 per year, according to a survey by Samsung Electronics UK), this yearly average is now at around £214. 
As for the wear on clothing, it's hard to calculate and give a figure, but it is another long-term cost – if our clothes lasted longer, then we would save money! 
It is for these reasons that we are excited to announce that there is a solution – the CleanStart® laundry system, by RainSoft! 

CleanStart® has finally come to the UK! 

Our range of water softening and purification systems are designed to bring fantastic water to your home while saving you money, which means that the CleanStart is the perfect addition the The PWP family! 
CleanStart oxidises cold water and injects a controlled amount of ozone (O3) into the wash water. It turns cold water into an extremely effective and non-toxic cleaning compound, that disinfects and kills odours! The result is softer, cleaner, better smelling laundry – and to top it all off, it reduces wear and tear on your laundry, so it lasts longer! 
And all of this is achieved without the need for detergent or fabric softeners, while also saving you money on your energy costs! 
To find out more about CleanStart: 
We have also updated our range of water treatment systems and taps, so if you wanted to start there: 
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