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Now, more than ever, your health and your water are important. We’re in very unusual times and with the changes brought on by Covid, to how we live and how we think about our health, it is good to keep perspective on the things that are most important. 
Throughout this pandemic, PWP have continued to provide our customers with our usual exceptional standard of ongoing care and maintenance. Water is important, and as such our visits are naturally classed as essential maintenance. This means that everyone who treats their home water supply with us are quite literally wrapping and maintaining a ring of protection around their home, keeping their water free from chemicals, contaminants, viruses and anything else that can pose a threat to or isn’t conducive to good health. 

What if you're not already treating your water? 

There really is no time like the present. Understanding how to keep yourself and your family protected is more important now than ever, so get in touch with one of our advisors. 
If you arrange a visit with one of our water technicians, they will be able to show you how you can, at an affordable price, improve your water and keep your family protected. 

Where do the current restrictions come in? 

And, of course, we only send people to your home if they are completely fit and healthy. We are very proud as a company, having visited thousands of homes during this pandemic, to have avoided any Covid-19 cases and our staff are as healthy as ever. This is largely down to us being vigilant and very careful – we temperature check our technicians and engineers every day and in the event that they were to display any symptoms that may be indicative of coronavirus, they would be taken out of active duty immediately, until we are confident that they are given the all-clear. 
As always, the health of our customers and our staff is at the forefront of our minds. The current restrictions do not affect our ability to make professional visits (whether this is from one of our water engineers to install or perform maintenance on your water system, or from one of our technicians if they are providing you with a demonstration). The current rules for England state that no more than six people from multiple households are allowed to mix indoors; we take this very seriously and always maintain distance during visits. 
We only send one person during a visit to your home; if it is a service engineer, they only need access to your water treatment equipment and if it’s a technician providing a demonstration to a prospective customer, they only need access to the kitchen sink. They will maintain a safe distance and are provided with gloves, masks, hand gel and wipes. 

Health is paramount! 

At a time when health is so important, we must all take care of ourselves and our families. We are very proud to be treating our customers water to such enviable degrees that any nasties, such as contaminants, bacteria and viruses will be completely filtered out of their water, no matter what. As a company, we have always promoted good health and we encourage you to do the same. Your home water supply is a massive part of that, so if you want to improve your water, now is the time. 
Stay safe and if you want any advice or information about your water, irrespective of treating it, feel free to get in touch. 
Please remember, you are 60% water and 100% important 
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