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Franke Vital Capsule System 

Where the magic happens 
The world’s most advanced water filter system cleans water more simply, quickly and reliably than ever before. Developed in Switzerland and impeccably designed. For the most wonderful tap water you’ve ever tasted. 
Where the magic happens 
The best water filter in the world is also the smallest. That’s something of a marvel, given what’s inside. It is the first system ever to combine activated carbon with a high-tech membrane and turns 500 litres of tap water into pure refreshment.* 
*Vital is able to achieve this capacity assuming that a certain pressure of 3 bar and water quality is available. The filter flow rate and service time depend on local water quality. Increased contamination with harmful bacteria (e.g. bacteria contamination due to outburst caused by heavy rainfall), sediments (rust, silt, clay, etc.), microplastics and micro particles may reduce flow rate and service life due to the filter's outstanding capability to constantly filter these contaminants from the tap water. 

       1) Pre-filter 

The first line of defence, the pre-filter captures 
larger particles, eliminating coarse contamination 
such as rust. 

2) Membrane¹ 

The high-tech membrane is so ultra-fine that it 
retains microplastics and removes harmful germs. 

3) Activated carbon fibre 

A naturally effective filter that’s been proven over 
decades, activated carbon can remove impurities 
such as chlorine, pesticides and hormones; it also 
removes unpleasant tastes and odours. 

4) Water-flow 

Having passed through the different layers, you 
can be sure that the water flowing into your glass is 
completely free of contaminants. 

    High Performance Filter 

Delivering up to 500 litres of fresh drinking water straight from the tap. 
* A high-flow filter is available, however we recommend using the high-performance filter especially when you are softening your water as this filter removes sodium from your drinking water. 
Removes harmful germs 
Filters out microplastic 
Filters out residues of pesticides, drugs and hormones 
Filters out rust and sediments 
Simple use filters up to 500 L (132 gal) 
Removes chlorine odours and tastes 

How to replace the battery in your Franke Vital Capsule Tap 

The combination of activated carbon and a high-tech membrane ensure supreme water quality and hygiene. Not only does tap water taste better, it is also much healthier. The extremely compact system looks stunning in any kitchen: an iconic design, space-saving and available in various designs and colours. 

  Made in Switzerland 

Our water filter is not only the smallest in the world, but also the first to combine activated carbon with a bionic membrane. Modelled on nature, developed in Switzerland. 
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