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You’re dipping your toe into the world of water softening (welcome, by the way!) and you’re probably wondering...”Where do I start with all of this?” You’re trying to find the right option for your home, and in making such an important decision, in investing in something that will improve the quality of life for you and your family, you need the right information and the best guidance. 
One of the most important things that we do here at PWP is to help you in that process; we take out the hassle of finding the best quality system for your home, because we’ve done the hard work for you and chosen the best quality systems across a range of sizes to suit different homes with different requirements. We also put in the time and effort to help you in this journey, by providing a completely free water survey in your home (click here to find out more) and giving you all of the information that you need. 

Treating Your Water The PWP Way 

We provide you with the opportunity to treat every drop of water in your home to fantastic levels. As well as providing top quality, long lasting and efficient water softeners, we also can include equipment that will remove the chemicals from your home water supply, and all unwanted impurities from your drinking water, so that every drop is protected – in essence, water how it should be! 

We don’t just soften your home water supply – we remove chemicals from it, too! 

There’s more than just hardness and limescale to your water. Many people don’t like the taste and odour of their tap water, due to the chlorine that is used to treat it. Chlorine is used to make the water supply safe to drink (it is capable of killing bacteria and viruses, for example), but has its drawbacks (read our blog “The Pros and Cons of Chlorine” for more info)! By the time your tap water has reached you, the chlorine has done its job, but you are left with its taste and odour. It also isn’t ideal to bathe in chlorinated water, either (the chlorine, as well as the hardness, really isn’t great for your skin and hair). This is why we include a Chemical Removal Vessel (CRV) in our water treatment packages!  
The CRV will treat your water before it goes through your water softener and will treat the water for chlorine as well as removing a whole host of contaminants, including many organic and inorganic compounds. And, yes, this is for the whole home – not just the drinking water. While it means you no longer have to shower and bathe in chlorinated water (not to mention the various other chemicals that can find their way in), it also protects your softener’s resin from chlorine, making it even more efficient and longer lasting. 

Next up: The Water Softener 

This is most likely why you’re here. Limescale has numerous, undesirable impacts on our home. Softening your water will improve the efficiency of your appliances, from the kettle to the boiler, lessen your energy bills, make your soaps, shampoos and cleaning products go much further and will protect your skin and hair from the damaging effects of limescale (we’ve blogged about this too, for those who are interested). 
You want the best softener for your home, so why not come to a company that provides efficient softeners with fantastic longevity, a company with excellent aftercare and a dedicated servicing and engineering team? (We’re also Which? Trusted Traders, so check out our review page to see what our customers think of us!) 

The best quality of drinking water for you and your family 

We believe in providing only the best options for treating your water at home. With drinking systems such as the Pentair Freshpoint and the Kinetico K5 Pure+, we are bringing great tasting, healthy water free from chemicals and unwanted impurities to your kitchen tap! 
No more wasting money on bottled water or replacement jug filters – now you have unimaginably high-quality water coming straight from your tap! 

Book an appointment with one of our water experts 

By booking a free water survey with The Pure Water People, you will be getting the best advice on treating your home water supply from one of our water experts. We will help you find the best solution for your home and requirements, by recommending the right water equipment in the right configuration for your home, alongside giving you all of the information you need about home water treatment. 
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